The american foxhound

As you can imagine there are many hounds that have been used for fox hunting and other hunting over the years. In the UK most are familiar with the foxhounds. The American foxhound is really just another breed of the UK foxhound that has been adapted. If you are looking for a lovable dog that will want to play, exercise, and have a generally good time in your back yard you may be interested in the American foxhound.

The American foxhound looks much likes it UK counterpart in that it has the same color pattern and body type. You will find the American foxhound is a little taller and a little light in the body, but they are still about the same. The height of this foxhound is 21 to 25 inches with 65 to 75 pounds. They have straight bones adding to the height and making them a bit more agile as foxhounds. They have floppy ears, a long tail, and thin legs. They are usually white with black spots, and a brown head; however they can be just about any colour. The American foxhound was breed from the English descendent and the French hound.

The foxhound has several wonderful qualities including hunting, tracking, being a watchdog, and a trail dog. They are a hardy breed, which means they have a lot of energy to expend and love to have some type of job or game to play during the day. They have been used as pack dogs as well. You will find they are not good around other pets like cats. Their instincts are to chase and they can end up harming the other pets. They do okay with other dogs, but again this depends on the breed of the other dog. They can do well with the same breed. You will find they are not the best of dogs to have around children or novice owners. However with the proper training in socialization and obedience they can be in family homes. Training will be difficult as they are a stubborn breed. As long as you are firm, but gentle you should have no difficulty in further training after obedience. They are often a barker, so you may need to train them when to bark and when not to bark. They are very friendly, loyal, and energetic pets to have in your home. You will find they do better in outside kennels and should not be placed in apartment living.

For proper care of your foxhound you will need to have a small or large home with plenty of backyard. The foxhound likes to run around during the day and play. They also need attention from their owner. They should not be left alone for long periods of time. Exercise should be given daily, especially long walks. Usually two to three walks a day are needed. Typically if you provide the right care they can live for twelve years. They are prone to some health conditions that are genetic like hip dysplasia and bone problems, but on the whole they are very healthy. Grooming is important on a weekly basis. The short hair requires a brushing to remove dead or loose hair. They should only be shampooed when necessary as they have sensitive skin. They are an average shedder all year long, so it helps to brush them often. For nutrition it is best to supply them with a high protein diet, with little meals throughout the day to prevent weight gain.