Stop dog whining

Dog whining is one of the top irritating things about a pet. Many dog owners would like to stop dog whining, but this is a challenging thing and not many succeed. Still, there are some tricks that you can use to prevent and stop dog whining and not have this issue anymore.

The sooner the better, this is the rule. As a pup, the dog must be trained not to whine, and this is one of the most effective methods to solve the problem. However, this is a more complex issue, so you need to go into things even deeper. You should detect the grounds for which your dog whines, making all that terrible noise. Dogs communicate mainly through barking and whining. Whining means as a rule that the dog is scared, disappointed, and lonely or it has some sort of pain or illness. Identify the cause why your dog whines. In case your dog has never whined before, but suddenly starts doing so, this is a clear sign of illness. So, pay a visit to the vet and you can stop dog whining at once. If your dog has other reasons to whine, this means that some sort of obedience training is needed. Don’t punish your dog because it whines, you will cause more fear, your dog will be even more scared and you won’t stop dog whining.

The dog whining is also caused by the fact that your dog cannot deal with you being away. If you train your dog properly and from an early stage of its life, you can stop dog whining. You can do this by playing with your dog for a short while and then leave to a place where your dog cannot see you. It will start to whine. Try not to be impressed by that and let your dog alone. Running to take your pup into your arms will not help. It will only let your dog know that it can control you. Train yourself not to go straight away to your dog and this is great. Your dog will stop whining after a while. However, this period of whining is around a few minutes. Still, if your dog continually whines, you need to use some words of disapproval such as Bad! Or No!, and then wait for it to stop whining. Play like this for a while and your dog will learn that you will come back and will deal with separation easily and will not whine anymore. Make sure your praise your dog if it behaves well, and this is a guarantee that whining is excluded from your dog’s repertoire.

So, if you want to stop dog whining, follow the above tricks. Understand why your dog expresses itself like this and train it as well as yourself to make sure you don’t encourage whining. It might not be an easy process, but it is worth it and you will have a well behaved dog.

Demosthenes Damon is an article writer and dog lover.