How a wireless dog fence works

The wireless dog fence is an invisible fence that contains your dog within its perimeter. Unlike the underground invisible fence, the wireless dog fence does require cables to be laid underground. Instead, the wireless dog fence is activated by a transmitter.

The transmitter is placed in a central location on the property. The transmitter may be placed in an inconspicuous location in the home. The transmitter may be set up to allow the dog movement within a smaller or larger sized area. When the intended area is determined and the transmitter is in place, the wireless fence collar is placed on the dog.

The collar acts as a receiver for the signal sent out by the transmitter. If the dog reaches an area that is close to the perimeter of the containment area, the dog receives a low grade shock. This small shock is enough to send the dog in the other direction. Through the wireless dog fence, the dog quickly learns which areas are out of bounds.

Many dogs benefit from learning about the containment area before being left inside the wireless fence. Typical training for the wireless fence includes voice commands and the use of flags to mark out the area where the dog can move around without receiving a shock. Within a week of the commencement of training, the dog will easily and safely learn about its boundaries without any negative effects. Many wireless fence systems will give a dog a warning sound before the mild electrical shock is given.

It is important that a dog learn about the wireless fence before it is contained in one. The mild shock has been known to frighten an unsuspecting dog. Some dogs may not want to go into the yard again if they have been badly frightened from the correctional shock. Training with a wireless fence can begin when a dog is five or six months old.

The wireless fencing system will contain as many dogs as there are on the property. As long as all dogs are wearing a receiver collar, the wireless fence will protect the dogs from leaving the fence perimeter.

It is easy to maintain a wireless fence. Without any wires that could be damaged, all the customer has to do is replace the receiver collar or transmitter as necessary. Transmitter and receiver batteries will have to be replaced occasionally too. It is recommended that the owner of a wireless fence keep replacement parts handy so that when necessary, the transmitter or receiver collar can be replaced without shutting the system down. This will prevent the occurrence of the dog running away when the dog discovers that the fence is not working.

With just two main components, it is easy to set up a wireless dog fence. Wireless dog fences keep a dog contained without the need to build a traditional fence or the digging that is necessary with a underground dog fence. Pets will remain safely inside their perimeter and the owner does not have to worry about runaway pets anymore.