So you think you want a boxer dog

So you’re looking at different dog breeds for pets and you’re considering a Boxer dog is a definite possibility?

You’re not alone. The Boxer has ranked in the top 10 of favorite purebreds by the American Kennel Club for many years now, with thousands of happy owners all across the U.S.

But before you invest a considerable amount of time and money into this 10-15 year venture, here’s some things you need to consider.

Boxers Need Plenty Of Attention: If you are the type who leaves your dog on a chain for hours on end, than a Boxer dog is not for you.

Boxers require much of your love and companionship. Being chained in a backyard for days provides none of these whatsoever. This also applies if you work a lot of hours and can’t spend a lot of time with your Boxer. They’ll be miserable…and will cause you to be miserable as well.

Boxers need constant attention and love to be babied. Treat your Boxer as your best friend and play, play, play with him. Shower them with love, affection and attention as well as some treats and you’ll keep them happy.

Boxers Can Be Destructive: If your Boxer is ignored and left to their own devices, they can become very destructive due to loneliness and boredom. I’ve heard of Boxer dogs jumping over 6-footer fences if the owner is gone for too long!

A Boxer dog can be too smart and strong for their own good. That is why obedience training is important, in order to prevent the destruction of too many of your belongings. Training makes a happier dog.

Boxers Can Be Overly Aggressive: One owner said: “I love my Boxer girl, but she can be a terror sometimes and could get really hyper to where she’d attack us. I’d hate to think what all she’d get into without any training at all!”

To help prevent any unfortunate accidents, opt for body harness when walking if you have a Boxer that pulls or strays. Your Boxer will never again slip out of the collar. The chain-harness combo looks good as well as trains the Boxer to walk without pulling or straying.

For the record, there are more accounts of aggression among female Boxers, especially towards other females. Please take this into consideration before purchasing two Boxer dogs for the same household.

Boxers Can Be Hyperactive: Boxers have high play drive and they need their exercise or they can easily get excitable and destructive.

Play, play and play with them. Give them extra space especially when you have to leave them alone for long period. Tire them out with long walks and play sessions but within a fenced area or on a leash.

Boxers Can Exhibit Extreme Shyness (not to be mistaken with independence):

It’s critical to socialize your Boxers. When they are still puppies, take them to public places like a pet store so they won’t be so shy.

Begin training in an area that is familiar to your Boxer, where there is minimum distraction. Once both of you are skilled at several obedience commands, take him to practice at different areas with increasing amount of distractions present.

This may seems like starting all over again, but it’s worth the effort.

Finally, before adopting a Boxer, ask the breeder if the parent dogs have any of these undesirable traits before even looking at the puppies. It will save you a lot of headache and trouble in the future.

A Boxer dog can make a wonderful pet that kids and adults alike will thoroughly enjoy for years to come. But make sure you know what you’re getting into before you buy!