Sick dog symptoms, how to know if your dog is sick!

It is very importantto know the common dog sickness symptoms for every dog owner who truly loves his pet and feel responsible for his life, health and good condition. If you know the symptoms of illnesses your dog may encounter in his life you may diagnose them correctly when they occur and help your dog in the right way and in time.

Your dog’s behavior changes suddenly. Your are confused and terrified wondering if these are some illnesses symptoms or just normal things that dogs from time to time do. So you ask yourself a question: Is my dog Showing Sick Dog Symptoms? What to treat as a normal and natural behavior of your dog and what to treat as an illness symptom? How to find it out? Information about dog illnesses symptoms would be very useful here. It would let you effectively diagnose your sick or injured dog and help him in right way and in time.

Every dog has to go through it, every one most probably hates it as much as anyone else does, but the fact of the matter is that your dog will show sick symptoms once in a while and will become ill. This is natural for them or any other animal, they all get sick and there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent it.

Knowledge is criticalto understanding sick dog symptoms. Does your dog suffer from weak or deformed bones, chronic skin and ear infections, Epilepsy, Cancer, timidity, aggression or an impaired ability to heal from wounds? One of the major contributors of these sick dog symptoms is not a bacteria or other microbe but, a protein that dog food companies can legally add to their products that has no nutritional value.

Symptoms of sick Dog may include some of the following:

* Strong Ear smell, shaking of the head, discharge: Mites, Yeast infection or Mites.

* Coughing: Heartworms, Kennel cough, Heart disease or pneumonia.

* Passing Blood in Urine: Internal injury, Kidney disease or Urinary tract infection.

* Bad Breath/Bleeding Gums: Periodontal disease.

* Constipation/Problems defecating: Change of diet, intestinal blockage.

* High Temperature (over 102): Viral or bacterial infection

* Increase Drinking and Urination: Diabetes, Kidney Disease or Liver Disease.

* Problems Urinating: Kidney stones or Kidney Disease.

* Blood or Worms in feces: Bowel infection, Worms or other parasites.

* Vomiting/ ingesting grass or other vegetation: Worms, Poison or gastrointestinal problems.

You know your beloved canine friend is unwell, and he is exhibiting several symptoms that he is feeling sick. Do you know what to do if you observe symptoms of sick dogs?In times like this, there is no need to panic. Be calm and vigilant when you are taking care of your dog. In this way, you will be able to do things smoothly as you provide comfort and ease to your pet.

The first stepthat should be taken is identifying the problem. In order to address the appropriate solution and medication, it is crucial that you detect the specific signs and symptoms of the disease. This can be done by observing your dog’s behavior and actions. This way you will be able to describe to the veterinarian the most obvious sign that your dog is sick. Having this information will aid the veterinarian to easily point out the trouble. Also keep a list of your Sick Dog Symptoms.