Right nutrition for your dog

You should pay attention to nutrition balance of your dog food. In some cases, obesity has become serious problem. This is caused by imbalance nutrition consumption and less exercises. You can combine fresh food rather than canned food for daily consumption.

Obesity can short your dog’s live. Anybody wants his dog live longer 9 – 13 years, but right handling to take care of dog is a must. Normally, dog body weight increases after puppy delivery, but sometime obesity relates to the metabolism problem. You can see dog responses if you take for exercises: slow responses and lazy, even dog is breathing hard.

Nutrition composition is very important. Protein is useful to form cells and body tissues, metabolism, body essential and immunity. Dog’s ability to digest protein is about 50 – 90%. Lowest food digest is beans and the highest is milk and egg. Lack of protein consumption can influence dog growth and other problems such, easily get sick and dull hair.

Nutrition composition are as follows: Carbohydrate is a component that need to be suited to dog age. Inside the dog’s body, carbohydrate is changed as glucose. Glucose is a ready source of energy, used to support daily activity, exercise for instance, or otherwise it can cause obesity.

Calorie to each dog will not be same, depend on dog sizes, weather or other certain conditions. Sometimes your dog wants more food even though you add 30 – 50% more portion than his normal portion, but remember that too much food can result negative impact to dog growth.

Fat is a source of energy too, it is cheap and easy to digest up to 90%. Besides, fat is good for skin health, hormone for metabolism. For sure, fat plays an important rule to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K. Balance food should contain minimum 20% fat, but this depends on your dog activity.

You can see vitamin and mineral composition on canned dog food, these should be balance in order to avoid deficiency effects and able to cure body cells function.

C vitamin will protect your dog from diseases and optimize health, strengthen immunity system and as an antioxide. Veterinarian suggests to have 25-500 mg/day of C vitamin, but if your dog in stressful condition, you can increase the dose, but please consult with your veterinarian. C vitamin is safe for consumption and easily absorb by the body.

A vitamin is useful for optimizing dog growth, eyes and skin problem.

D vitamin is very important for puppies to support the optimum growth and strong bones. Lack of D vitamin can cause cracking and broken teeth.

E vitamin is much needed for female dog for fertility and body immune

B2 vitamin is useful for leg muscles and skin, such skin problems are reddish, dry and cracking

Less calcium and phosphorus can cause cripple and stiff muscle

Potassium is useful for body balance and motion reflex

Dog’s optimum growth needs sufficient magnesium and avoid stiff muscle

Less sodium consumption can cause loss body weight and hair falls

Iron is to avoid anemia

Now we understand and be more alert that food is not just a food, there are important factors we need to look at and how important these vitamins and minerals for dog’s health and his optimum growth.