Puppy training advice, what is the the easiest way to train your puppy

Training a puppy is not a complicated process, but it does take time and commitment. Dogs learn through repetition so it is essential to spend enough time so that you will see results. There are no stupid dogs and it is up to the owner to uncover the dog’s intelligence.

1) If you are new to dog ownership, in doubt or if you have questions make sure to get puppy training advice.

2) Only one member of the family should be responsible for training. Others can help once the puppy has learned the commands well.

3) Don’t confuse the puppy with inconsistent commands. Use the same commands for the same desired behavior always.

4) Training periods should not go on too long because the puppy will get bored.

5) Don’t punish the dog with a lead or any object used in training or it will become afraid of training.

6) The best time to train is before you feed the puppy. The meal is a good reward after training and the puppy will look forward to it.

7) Make sure the puppy has complete confidence in you.

8) Never train while you are in a bad mood or if you are going to lose control of your emotions.

Any type of training requires time and comittment. You must be consistent and you must be patient. Your puppy will learn these things and you will both be very happy. The puppy like any dog wants to please his or her master and be praised. How do you feel when you are complimented for doing a good job? After your puppy has learned one command, it is time to go on to the next just follow the puppy training advice above over and over again.