Pit bulls as pets

Pit bulls can be dangerous pets if they are in the hands of the wrong owner. On the other hand, pit bulls can be very wonderful companions if raised properly and given the type of care specific to their breed. Pit bulls are naturally aggressive toward other pets and animals. Owners need to teach the pit pulls at an early age who is dominant in the family. Scolding needs to take place for pit pulls that are being overly aggressive.

Pit bulls love to chew and dig. Because of these traits, pit bulls can be extremely destructible as in inside pet. In the hands of a good owner, pit bulls can satisfy their need to chew and dig without causing extensive property damage or injuring themselves. Pit bulls can often dig out of a pet fencing area if the dogs are kept outside. Owners need to be aware of how extensively their pit bulls will dig.

While some dog breeds do well with an owner gone part of the day, pit bulls do not do well alone. Pit bulls are extremely social dogs and need lots of individual attention. Pit bulls can become jealous of other family members and pets. When the jealousy arises, owners need to address it immediately before it becomes a problem in the pit bull. Pit bulls will do well with other pets as companions but again special attention needs to be taken so that the pit bull does not become jealous or feel rejected by the owner.

Pit bulls are extremely territorial. If your pit bull is a male, have it neutered early to decrease its aggression and territoriality. If you have other dogs in the house, you will want to get a pit bull of the OPPOSITE sex. Pit bulls tend to fight primarily with same sex dogs. So yes females will fight with females.

When considering a pit bull for your home, make sure that your community laws do not have a ban on pit bull ownership. Because of many pit bulls being handled improperly, there are lots of insurance companies that will increase home owner coverage or deny coverage if you house a pit bull. You will want to check with your home owner’s policy before bringing a pit bull into your home.

All breeds have personality traits. When handled with love, discipline and proper knowledge, pit bulls can be wonderful and delightful pets. As with any animal, if in the wrong hands pit bulls can be extremely dangerous, aggressive and mean.