New dog attack prevention tool

Americans are getting into outdoor exercising in a big way especially with warmer weather on the horizon. Walking, jogging, cycling all are great ways to get the body in shape, lose some weight, and just enjoy the outdoors. Great cardiovascular workouts really help the old ticker keep going too.

This healthy activity has a big risk to it: dog attacks and dog bites. The attacks account for an estimated 4.7 million bites each year according to the CDC. The consequences can be serious: seven hundred fifty thousand of these bites require medical attention half of them are on children. Annually nearly 14 people die from the bites.

To me there is nothing more frightening than a pack of dogs on the loose and headed towards you. It sends chills down my spine.

To be on the safe side there are a few things you can do to protect yourself and avoid trouble.

1. ALWAYSavoid routes that are known trouble spots.

2. ALWAYSbe aware that dogs are animals and have instincts that can kill you.

3. NEVERstare at a dog. Avoid making eye contact.

4. NEVERturn your back or run away from a dog.

5. ALWAYScarry a telescopic stun baton. This new tool has proven itself time after time to be a successful deterrent. It has a reach of nearly 22 inches and carries a punch of 800,000 volts-enough to change any dog’s mind.

If you don’t carry a telescopic stun baton then some other form of self defense product is almost a must anymore. Dog owners who don’t obey leash laws don’t deserve any consideration in my opinion.

There is no certain way to prevent a dog from charging you. You have every right to defend yourself from these attacks. If you have your dog with you on these excursions you are especially vulnerable. Try this new tool.


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