Golden retrievers, an exceptional breed of dog

Golden Retrievers are the preferred option for many people who wish to own a dog. They are renowned as show dogs, obedience competitors, hunting dogs or any combination of these characteristics, which make them a preferable choice of breed. Once you decide that you want to own a Golden Retriever you will be enchanted with an excellent dog that will not disappoint.

As far as intelligence, ease of training, affection and loyalty go Golden Retrievers are one of the top breeds and make excellent friends due to their well mannered disposition. Although they are loyal, affectionate and ideal mates for children they will bark out loud if anything is out of the ordinary, making them excellent watchdogs. Golden Retrievers will return all affection you show them, especially if treated as important part of the family group.

No matter how many times you brush them, Golden Retrievers shed their hair constantly, particularly in the spring when they discard their winter coat. Brushing and combing them daily is a necessity, paying particular attention to the dense undercoat. This is of the utmost importance because the health and quality of a Golden Retriever can be assessed by his coat.

It is worth considering, when walking or hiking with your Golden Retriever, that they have a great liking for the water and will be in it at every opportunity. Initially, this will be a great source of fun. But when they keep finishing up wet or muddy it can sometimes be very frustrating for the owner.

Golden Retrievers, similar to other dogs, have daily needs that consideration must be given to. Most importantly are the emotive requirements, which is easily resolved by ensuring he is treated as an essential part of the family life. More effort is needed, however, in providing outlets for his active nature with daily physical exercise.

Golden Retrievers thrive on attention and admiration and have need for companionship and do not do well if left on their own. You should look into another breed of dog as an alternative to a Golden Retriever if you are unable to spend a good deal of time with them. Because they are always seeking attention and to be with company at all times they are the ideal enhancement to a family, particularly if you have kids and are liable to spend long periods at home.

To avoid getting a Golden Retriever with bad habits it is probably preferable to acquire a puppy rather than an adult dog. Then you can be fully responsible for it’s schooling. The rewards of this are well worth the effort although, at times, frustration will creep in, especially when time is short. A puppy would not be an ideal choice if you don’t have a lot of spare time or you quickly get frustrated. Appropriately a better option would be a Golden Retriever that is already house broken.

Companionship and loyalty are traits of Golden Retrievers that establish them as an excellent preference. All family activities are suitable for you to include them and they enjoy playing a full part. Your Golden Retriever will grow to become affectionate and loyal and a friend for life if you include him in your life.