Basic tips for raising an american bulldog

The American Bulldog is very cute and built like a tank. A very muscular dog – most of its weight is muscle, making it very strong. It is very athletic, and enjoys running around. This pet can be extremely nice and playful or aggressive, depending entirely on its owner. Having it raised to become the latter is not what it’s meant for. It should be used for better things of higher purpose (good things). Unfortunately, there are some people who overlook that. They use this breed in underground arenas where i’ll be forced into combat with other dogs. Here they will make bets and profit off the pain and sometimes the death of the poor animal.

But we as pet owners have a different view of things. We can put it to better use as a house pet. They are sweet and loving dogs, and are very loyal to their masters. They seek the constant attention of its human companions and very much likes it. Owning a dog of this breed isn’t like owning any other dog. It will require extra care and special training methods done throughout its entire life. These pooches were born stubborn, and would just love the idea of being your superior. For your sake, you shouldn’t let that happen. You will end up with an uncontrollable freak of nature with an with a really hard head.

When it turns into that, it’s possible that it will get into countless dog fights, and perhaps with other humans. Being the alpha dog coupled with its protective nature urges it to do so. It will do what it thinks is needed to keep everyone safe. That behavioral defect should be addressed immediately at a young age. Educate it as early as possible; let it know when you disapprove of its unruly behavior by using a loud and clear voice. Don’t shout at it though, be firm yet gentle. Praise it for good behavior and give it rewards for obedient acts.

Keep the training routines consistent and entertaining. It won’t enjoy boring lessons, so use methods that will catch its attention, like using toys for fetching. Most importantly, stand up to it. Don’t let it push you around and make a female dog out of you – you’re the boss, not it. Socializing is crucial for all potentially tough pets, like the American Bulldog. Allow it to meet other pets and people. That will do wonders for its behavior, sculpting it into something more desirable. Be aware that it is in its nature not to get along very well with some pets, so don’t expect too much from it.

These are somethings you wanna keep in mind while raising your American Bulldog or planning of getting one. It’s a fantastic breed that can serve many morally just purposes such as being a loving companion for a lonely guy or gal. Also a great family pet that gets along very well with the kids. If security is a priority for your household, then this would be an excellent choice for a guard dog. You can sleep sound at night knowing that there’s somebody keeping a look out for intruders. Shelling out cash for this pooch will be well worth it.