Dog crates

Just like we need a nice and comfortable home, your dog also needs one too. Most of us keep our pets inside our room after all we don’t want the poor dog to stay outside wandering around looking for a comfortable place to sleep. But is it healthy? Talk about the mess especially having a puppy around the house. They chew everything, terrorize the poor kitty and bite your valued furniture and you spend the whole day cleaning up the mess. For that matter a dog crate is the solution to your problem.

A crate is not a prison to be feeling guilty about keeping your dog in there. Your dog wont feel bad about keeping them in a crate infact they would be delighted to have a room of their own where they feel safe and secure. Stop cringing at the thought of sending your dog to a crate. Your dog needs privacy and you should know that before people started domesticating dogs they lived in dens or small caves. So they still retain some of their ancient instincts.

A crate is a small and cozy home for your dog where they find solace and satisfaction in their own space. It comes in different sizes and shapes. The prices vary from the different qualities of the crate. There are plastic crates which are portable and light weighted and can easily be taken apart for travel or storage. Wire crates are more popular and may be a better purchase than the plastic crate. They offer better ventilation but the only disadvantage is that it isn’t approved for airline use. The quality and style vary greatly so it is important to shop carefully. You don’t have to worry about buying a new crate for each stage of growth because dividers are available for some brands so you can shrink and expand the puppy’s space as needed.

Having a crate for your dog has so many advantages for instance traveling becomes safer for both you and your dog when he’s in a crate. You can easily carry your dog around where ever you go be it by road or by flight. Even some motels nowadays allow -crated- dogs.

You can keep your dog in the crate when you are away from home so that it won’t litter the house. You don’t have to worry about your dog chewing your shoes or furniture or peeing on the carpet because a crate offers a positive solution to house-training and minimizes your headache and destructive chewing becomes easier to control too.

A crate can be kept in any room of the house and you can even decorate it just like the way you decorate your kid’s room. A little training is required for a dog to sleep in a crate at the inception. But with time they become comfortable enough. You can keep toys or rubber balls for the puppies to play with and keep themselves busy. They need a nice and comfortable bed so it is important to keep soft cushions or pillows. Having a crate at home is so much better not only for you but for your dog too.

Dog Crates are available for purchase at Dog Crates and More at affordable prices. We can help you in finding and choosing the correct crate for you and your dog. Please contact us with any specific questions and we will be happy to help.