Jack russell terrier care 7 tips you need to know!

The Jack Russell terrier is a medium-maintenance breed. This is a dog that tests your limits. You must be able to be firm and kind to it. If you tend toward being the doting type of pet owner, the Jack is not for you.You will benefit greatly learning how to Care for a Jack Russell Terrier.

The scrappy little dog popularized in television comedies and commercials and on the big screen is the epitome of the assertive and energetic personality: he’s bold, brash, vigorous, and supremely self-confident, characteristics that often stun owners who thought they were purchasing a couch potato or a lap dog.Jack Russell Terriers are part of the working terrier group. They are valued for their energetic, lively, work ethic and playful nature, easy to Care for.


*Origin: England.

*Height: 13-14 inches.

*Weight: 13-17 lbs.

*Life Span: 11 – 18 Years.

*Nicknames: Jack Russell.

*Typically white-bodied.

*Type of working terrier.

*Breed developed by Reverend John Russell.

The breed history is wrapped in legend. Named for Parson Jack Russell, a hard-drinking, hard-riding hunter of the 1850-70s, the dog is from the same basic stock as the AKC-registered Wire-haired Fox Terrier1. The parson favored a dog that was bold enough to follow the fox into its earthen den but not so aggressive that it would kill the quarry. His terrier was trained to find and flush the fox for the houndsmen and their foxhounds; it was a flexible dog, able to maneuver in underground dens, mostly white so it could be easily seen, and of the same flamboyant character as the parson himself.

The Jack Russell is a fearless, happy, alert, confident, intelligent and lively hunting dog. These qualities make him a sturdy, vigorous companion, ready to meet the world on a moment’s notice, and, unless he is appropriately trained and exercised, can be subverted into wanton destructiveness.Proper Care Of the Jack Russell Terrier Is Important The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America describes the character thus: “The unique personality of this feisty little terrier is capturing the hearts of many, but they are not a dog for everyone. While adaptable to a variety of environments, they are first and foremost bred to be hunting dogs.”

The Jack Russell needs little grooming and no special physical care. However, he does need to be obedience-trained to walk on a leash, come when called, and stand to be handled. As usual with terriers, owners must have saintly patience to Care and Work these dogs.


*Jack Russell Terriers need a lot of exercise.

*Jack Russell Terriers do not usually do well with cats or other small animals and many breeds of dogs.

*Plan on bringing your Jack Russell Terrier to the veterinarian at least once each year, as part of His/Her Care.

*Your Jack Russell will need regular grooming.

*Jack Russell Terriers need obedience training.

*Plan on waiting until your children are over school age before bringing home a Jack Russell Terrier.

*Make sure that you are ready to make a lifetime commitment to your Jack Russell Terrier.

I hope You have Found This Information on Jack Russell Terrier Care Helpfull! Enjoy Your Little Friend.