How to teach a dog to fetch

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. This household pet loves to grab things such as food on the table to plastic toys found in the yard. Instead of letting the dog chew this to bit, why not teach the dog to fetch so this can be returned and thrown away again for another round?

What is needed in teaching a dog to fetch? Many start off with a stick. This resembles a bone and can easily be retrieved once this has hit the ground.

Since the dog can be easily distracted by the surroundings, it will be a good idea to do this in the backyard or in an alley. This will prevent the animal from running elsewhere and focused with the task at hand.

The owner should let the dog sniff this then thrown a few yards away. The animal might wonder what this means so both should pick it up and done again. When the pet gets this right, some dog biscuits should be given as a reward as well as a pat on the head.

Another way will be using both voice and hand signals to get this done. The owner should call the dog to get the attention and with the stick raised in the air, this should be thrown so the animal will see in which direction in went.

When this has worked, it is time to continue practicing this by throwing it farther than in the previous throws. This will take some time so it will be a good idea to have a few sticks around in case a few get lost.

After some time, this should be done in a bigger area. The best place in the city is the park while those who live near the sea can also do this by the beach. This is good exercise for both which should be practiced frequently to instill this trick in the mind of the dog.

There are other things that can be used to train a dog to fetch. The stick can be changed into a rubber ball so that it will not be painful on the teeth of the pet.

As always, the animal should be rewarded this will lesson will not be forgotten. Some people consider the game of fetch difficult. The owner should just be patient because it takes some time for a dog to learn a new trick.