Expectations with the birth of your dogs puppies

There is so much to say about this topic, but I’m going to give you a condensed version of what to expect with the birth of your dog’s puppies.

* Tip:It is of utmost importance to know how many puppies your dog has determined by an ultrasound or x-ray, so that you know if she is in trouble when in labor! Have this done around 4 weeks after mating.

1.She will have a discharge (sort of like water breaking).

* Tip:Either prior to this or after, she will be frantically trying to nest. You will notice her very diligently arranging blankets, trying to get under a bed or tearing up paper. So, it is essential that you show her to the whelping box you have already prepared for your dog specifically for this purpose. Otherwise, you’ll have a REAL mess on your hands, and likely some ruined furniture, blankets, carpet or clothing.

2.Within about 2 hrs, she should have delivered her 1st puppy.

* Tip:If no puppy appears within 3 hrs, contact a vet immediately!

3.The period of time between puppies could be up to 2 hrs.

* Tip:Be sure to write down how long she labored with each puppy, and if it is a front birth or breach, and the weight of each dog using a kitchen scale (for smaller measurements). If you know your dog has more puppies to come out, but it has been more than 2 hrs, contact your vet immediately!

* Tip:If your dogs are purebred and you have papers documenting that fact from the World Wide Kennel Club or similar entity, they will provide you with forms that you will NEED to fill out in their entirety to be sure the puppies can be registered purebreds too. It could take a few weeks for them to mail them to you, so prepare for this in advance!

4.The mother dog needs to eat the placenta of each puppy, so be sure that a placenta comes out with each puppy. It is your responsibility to make sure this happens! She will likely lick the puppy clean too. If she does not, you will need to gently wipe off each puppy with a warm, damp towel.

5.You will likely need to cut the umbilical cords of each puppy, so use a pair of brand new surgical scissors that you have disinfected with alcohol or peroxide prior to this point.

* Tip:DO NOTcut them any closer than 1? from the puppy’s skin!

6. The puppies will be hungry, and each puppy needs to have 1 teat/nipple.

* Tip: The teats closer to the dogs armpits, for some reason, are more nourishing. It is important to reserve these teats for the smaller pups or runt of the litter.

* Tip:Do NOTlet the puppies just go to whichever teat they feel like. 1 teat/puppy is a strict rule. Why?Because the 1st suckling from each teat is what each dog absolutely needs! DO NOTlet a puppy go to 2 teats before each puppy has had their turn at a fresh teat!

7. If your dog is still laboring 1-2 hrs after the last puppy has arrived, call your vet immediately!

8. If your dog is a breed that requires it’s ears or tails docked, such as miniature schnauzers, this needs to be done within the 1st 3 days after birth. Also, it is a good idea to have their dew claws removed as well!

by Kimberly Edwards