How to identify dog symptoms vomiting

Very often you would come across a dog eating a bug, or some kind of morsel. No telling how many different kinds of bacteria such morsels are harboring. A dog is known to eat food wrappers, aluminum foil, tinsel seem to be enjoyed by dogs. Such dietary indiscretions often lead to vomiting.

Vomiting can also be caused by 1. Change of diet. By merely changing brands of dog food can cause a few days of vomiting. Introduce the new food by mixing ? by ? for a few days, then ? by ? for a few more days. 2. Eating too much and too fast especially when competing with other dogs from other household dogs and dogs not fed frequently enough may vomit undigested food soon after eating. 3. Feeding the dog with table craps; though they have more nutritional value than most commercial pet food, dogs should not be given spicy scraps or rich foods. Both go down fast, but come up just as fast. 4. Anything that blocks the exit from the stomach will eventually cause vomiting. 5. Immature dogs that have large numbers of roundworms or hookworms may vomit. These puppies usually have as large potbelly. Hookworms cause vomiting by inflaming the lining of the small intestine but roundworms just block the intestine by their mechanical presence. 6. In old debilitated dogs, vomiting can be a sign of tumors of the stomach or small intestine.

If your dog has any of these following symptoms, call your Vet or emergency animal clinic for instructions: 1. The dog vomits blood 2. The dog has no appetite, has persistent vomiting and/or has diarrhea. 3. The dog belly or sides look swollen or bloated, and looks very uncomfortable and in pain, or retching. 4. You suspect that the dog has eaten something that has stuck in the dog digestive system. 5. The dog temperature is higher than 103?F (39.5?C). How to stop your dog’s vomiting problem, liquid foods should be fed first. Things like beef and chicken broth not only supply a few calories, but are excellent for establishing many of the electrolyte balances that have been disturbed by vomiting. After 48 hours it is usually possible to finely chop a little hard-boiled egg into the broth. If this does not cause a return of the vomiting, then a little cottage cheese, some vanilla ice cream or a little toast and milk can be offered. Resumption of the regular diet can commence as soon as the bland foods are tolerated for at least 24 hours.