How to gain your dogs respect

When dealing with man’s best friend the first thing you will need to do is to gain the dog’s respect. The only real way to go about this is to become your dogs’ pack leader. Whether you have one dog or twenty dogs the fact remains the same. You MUST become the pack leader. If your dog thinks its his pack you’re in for a bumpy ride! On the other hand if you establish your dominance your dogs will not question your position as pack leader making your life easier and your dog’s more fulfilling.

What we are trying to do is to provide our dogs with calm-assertive leadership. The best way to establish yourself as the pack leader and to practice calm-assertive leadership is to go for walks with your dogs. You should walk your dog every day, time permitting. Train the dog to walk at your heal and to only wander off if given the OK. One way to get your dog to walk at your heal is to use a short leash method. This way you keep the dog close to your hip, and when he tries to take the lead or wander off you can correct immediately. To correct your dog you need only to pull the leash in the desired direction and say “no”, or otherwise indicate your disapproval. With daily practice and proper correction you will see a significant improvement in your dog’s behavior, not just on walks but in all areas.

It is important that you understand your dog’s thought process if you want him or her to understand how you want them to behave. One reason understanding your dog’s thinking is so important is so that you can identify the correct times to reward and correct your dog during training. Many people train dogs with treats, and treats can be a helpful aid during training. Always remember that rewards and corrections should be given immediately after the behavior so that the dog can associate the two events. Dogs aren’t people and they don’t think like us. Remember this next time you are yelling at your dog and the dog is just staring back blankly, or cowering away from you.

Most dog behavioral problems are caused by the dog just not getting enough exercise. Walking your dog is a good way to improve behavior by helping the dog rid himself of that excess energy that can build up. If your dog does not get enough exercise you may see a change in personality. Dogs who are couped up all day and never get tend to become aggressive. This is a result of nervous energy. You must find a way for your dog to get rid of this. Try finding a place where your dog can run. If you have a big yard this is easy, but if not you may have to find more creative ways. Try finding a nature trail where you can let your dog run, or maybe a street with a good sidewalk where you can run or rollerblade with the dog.

Being a leader to your dogs is the single most important and powerful method you can use to gain control over your dogs. Leadership is much more important than actual training. If you are the pack leader the your dogs will respect you and naturally defer to your authority!