Guide to the most popular dog breeds

Are you shopping for a new dog? If so, you will be able to choose from over one hundred different breeds. Each breed of dog is unique in their own way. Before you make a purchase you should look into what each breed has to offer, as well as what other people think about them. For many people, choosing from the most popular dog breeds is a good start. After all, if so many people are interested in these dogs they have to be doing some right.

Here are a few of the most popular dog breeds:

1. The Labrador retriever is a beautiful and popular dog breed. They weigh between 50 and 80 pounds, and stand from 21 to 24 and a half inches. They love the water, and are very intelligent. My sister’s black labrador would chew the hose if the didn’t get his daily play with it! Labradors love swimming, and have webbed feet which helps him swim well. They have a lovely, gentle nature, and adore humans. They don’t make great guard dogs, as they accept strangers easily. But they are excellent with children. They do have a lot of energy, so will need exercise and somewhere to run around. But their coat is quite low maintenance, and they are easy to train.

2. As far as the most popular dog breeds for families, the Golden retriever is always near the top of the list. This breed is very similar to the Labrador retriever except it has a longer coat. They weigh between 55 and 80 pounds, and stand 22 to 24 and a half inches high. Golden retrievers are very intelligent, and have a great love of humans. They are very playful and eager to please, and even love all the attention that children give a pet! They are good around strangers, so they don’t make good guard dogs, but this can be good for a family with children bringing friends over. Golden retrievers do need obedience training, as their need for attention, and desire to play all the time could be irritating to owners wanting some time of their own. They also need at least an hour of exercise a day.

3. If you are shopping for a smaller dog, look into buying a Chihuahua. This is one of the most popular dog breeds year in and year out, and is nice for people who do not want a big dog running through their home at all times. Chihuahua’s weight from 2 to 6 pounds, and are very loyal, intelligent and perceptive. Despite their size, they don’t think of themselves as small dogs! They are very protective of the house, and make great miniature guard dogs.

4. The German shepherd is a popular large dog breed for people looking for a watch or guard dog, or a very loyal companion. They weight between 60 and 110 pounds, and are 22 to 26 inches high. They do need daily brushing, however. German shephards are extremely protective of their house and territory, and this extends to his human family, with which he becomes strongly bonded to. They are quite sensitive dogs in that they are very aware of their owner’s moods, and are very intelligent. The only potential problems are that they can be suspicious of strangers – and this includes your child’s friends. As a result, they need training and socialization, from puppyhood.

5. Beagles are great hunting dogs and are always popular among dog lovers for their gentle nature and even temperament. They were originally used as hunting dogs, and so have an amazing sense of smell – which, in the domestic environment can translate into a penchant for sniffing out underwear in the laundry! Beagles are extremely loyal and friendly, but they need training, though they can be difficult to train due to their curiosity. They are quite strong willed, especially when they catch a scent they are curious about. But they are very playful dogs, and make great family pets. They are fine with toddlers, and as long as they have been socialized the right way, will get along in multi-dog households.

The most popular dog breeds are not necessarily the best, they are just the ones that are bought the most by the general public. If you are shopping for a new dog, looking at the most popular breeds is probably a great place to start, but be sure to take into account your needs. Do you want a dog that will fit into an apartment? Or be good around children – especially small children? How much time do you have to exercise your dog? These questions will help determine whether a breed is appropriate for your lifestyle and situation.