Growl at your dog when he or she misbehaves

Dear Reader,

I am going to tell you one of the most powerful tips that I have picked up over the years. This little known secret should stop your dog from doing the things that annoy you and everybody else your dog meets or comes in contact with. Do not look at the title of the article for the answer. It only tells you half of the secret. This tip has been touched on by all trainers while overlooking the real power and effectiveness of the lesson that I am going to teach to you right now.

It is as simple as simple as saying this one word, “NO”. Yet complicated, because you have to growl at the dog with disapproval in your voice when you say the word NO. This must be off set by praising the dog with a friendly approving voice when ever he or she does something good. This form of training is called bi-polar conditioning, using an approving voice when he or she does right and a disapproving growling voice when you tell them no, don’t do that. This method does not require treats like other dog trainers use because the treat is in the way you give them approval and the punishment is your disapproval.

A good way to stop dogs from jumping on people is to growl NOOOOO at them when he or she jumps on you, then make them sit with the sit command. Don’t praise them for sitting or your dog will think they are being praised for jumping. Wait for 15 seconds before you praise your dog for sitting, after they have forgotten about jumping on you. Whenever you know that the dog is going to jump on you or someone else, make them sit and praise them. If the dog does jump on someone growl at them with disapproval, NOOOOO and make them sit. Wait for 15 seconds and then and only then praise them for sitting. Pat them on the head and tell them how good looking, intelligent and multi talented you think they are. really make a big deal out of it. If this does not work, try giving them a time out after telling them no. The dog may be looking for attention and even negative attention is better that no attention at all to some dogs. When the dog jumps on you growl NOOOOO at them and then put them in the bathroom with a leash on tied to the bathroom door knob. Give them a 15 minute time out. Do not let them out until they have stopped barking or whining for 15 seconds or that will teach them that all they have to do is bark and whine to get out.

With these 2 sweet little known secrets or tips you can tell your dog what you approve of and what you disapprove of so clearly and concisely that even a dog can hear and understand!