All about greyhounds

Thinking of buying a gentle dog for your family? Wondering what breed of dog is capable of acting as a great family pet? If your answer to these questions is yes, then greyhound dogs can be your best choice.

The greyhound dogs are considered throughout the world as the fastest breed of dog available. It runs with a speed of about 40 miles per hour, making them a potential candidate for dog racing. They belong to an ancient breed which is believed to have developed from a breed of Arabian Sloughi which was introduced to Britain by merchants and traders earlier than 900 AD. For its speed, the greyhound dogs were first used for hunting purposes, with them being capable of hunting deer and even wild boars. They are also noted for chasing cats and rabbits, making the greyhound dogs unfriendly to smaller animals, especially those that do not belong to the canine group.

Although unfriendly to other animals, the greyhound dogs can make a great companion, even to children. They are one of the gentlest breed that are so sensitive. The greyhound dogs are also loved for their intelligence and talent. They perform well in a massive number of sports that may involve sighting, racing, hunting, and even watch dogging. Aside from that, the greyhound dogs are so sweet and affectionate that they love to be part of a family.

Unlike the other breeds of dogs, the greyhound does not fight with other canines. Although it is possible that they may get into certain arguments with other dogs, it is rarely possible for the greyhounds to start a fight. Don’t even wonder when you see one running away from another canine in case of trouble for the greyhound dogs was bred to live that way.

With such gentle nature, the greyhound dogs won’t make a great guard dog. It tends not to bark even in case of intrusions and they are not even eager to bite. While these reasons are great enough for the greyhound dogs to be considered as family friendly, it is often advised not to depend on them for guarding. You better purchase a rottweiler if you are thinking much of security.

In terms of training, the greyhound dogs naturally respond to gentle caress. Yes, they should be treated with a gentle touch for if you will employ certain techniques for disciplining, chances are your greyhounds won’t grow and learn faster as you may think. Your yelling will rather put them away from you because of fear. And, note that because of its sensitivity, the greyhounds need an expert handler.