Caring for a pregnant dog

In the same way that pregnant human moms have many changes their bodies are undergoing, so it is the same with pregnant dog moms. It is very important to become familiar with the necessary steps to take in caring for these “moms to be” in order for them to have healthy puppies.

A dog is pregnant for a total of 60 – 63 days. Of course it can be hard to pin down an accurate date when you do not know when they first conceived. In order to make this easier you need to be made aware of the symptoms of pregnant dogs.

Around three weeks after your dog has mated they will have an upset stomach and will refuse to eat anything for a week or more. A good way to see if your dog is pregnant is to check her vulva. If the swelling in the vulva has not gone down since she was in heat and it looks swollen then that is a sign she might be pregnant.

Thirty days after conception you can take her to the vet and have them do a blood test to confirm or deny your suspicions. Around the fifth week your dogs’ nipples will grow and develop and she will start to look bigger around the middle. During the twenty first day your vet can perform an ultrasound and after forty five days a radiograph can be taken. The radiograph will show you how many puppies she is having.

Because their bodies are changing you need to put them on a specific diet that will keep both her and her puppies safe. During the first thirty days you can allow her to eat the normal foods that she is used to – but keep it high quality. During the last month of the pregnancy change her food to the high quality puppy food.

Exercise is also important to keep them mother happy. Try to take her on a walk every day. You don’t want her to gain too much weight during the pregnancy. She needs to be in shape for the pregnancy and delivery. If you don’t have time for a walk you can allow her to run around in the backyard. However, during the remaining three weeks of the pregnancy do not take her out and do not let her near other dogs. This will prevent them from spreading diseases to her.

Keeping an eye out for these symptoms of pregnant dogswhen you have not fixed them is important. Even if you do not want more puppies it is important that you keep them and the mother safe, healthy, and happy.