Grooming the chihuahua

The Chihuahua is undoubtedly the oldest purebred canine native to the North American continent. He is known by no other name. The Chihuahua is a native of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. He appears in a short-or smooth-coated variety and another type that has a long coat. The distinguishing features of a Chihuahua are very small size (average weight is 3 pounds) large ears, prominent eyes and a long tail.

The Chihuahua was important in the ceremonial life of both Toltec and Aztex peoples and is still a very popular pet in his native land and all around the world. He is the smallest of all dogs. His purpose is to provide loving companionship. His very small size keeps him from being a good pet to children or toddlers, or even young adolescents. He makes a wonderful little pet for the elderly. His size makes him very easy to pick up, carry around, and to take care of during grooming chores. The Chihuahua seems to know other Chihuahuas and prefers their company over other breeds of dogs. He is highly sensitive and can be a bit stubborn.

Although the Chihuahua looks very fragile he can be quite courageous. He is known to be more of a one-person dog and can be quite ferocious in defending that person.

The shorthaired variety is kept tidy with brushing several times a week with a rubber slicker or grooming glove. The smooth should be soft texture, close and glossy. The coat should be placed well over the body with ruff on neck, and scantier on head and ears.

The long coats should be of a soft texture, either flat or slightly curly with an undercoat preferably. Ears fringed (heavily fringed ears may be tipped slightly never down), feathering on feet and legs, and pants on hind legs. Large ruff on neck desired and preferred. Tail should be full and long (as a plume).

The long coat will need attention a couple times per week. The long-coated Chihuahua is easy to maintain with brushing a couple times per week. They normally love the attention of being groomed.

You will need a cushioned natural bristle brush and a medium-toothed comb.

Grooming procedure:

1. Brush through entire coat with a natural bristle brush and then comb to remove all tangles. 2. A suitable shampoo for both the long and short coated Chihuahua might be “natural tea tree and lavender oil.” 3. Don’t bathe your Chihuahua unless he gets really dirty. Oftentimes the Chihuahua will only need a bath about every 2 to 3 months depending on environment and circumstances. Always rinse well. 4. Blow-dry the coat while brushing the long hair. 5. After blow drying, comb through with your medium-toothed comb (these items can be purchased at any pet supply store or online. 6. Check the Chihuahua’s nails, ears and teeth. His nails should be kept moderately short. For show dogs, follow the breed standard about nails.

Note: The interior of the ear canals of the little Chihuahua should be gently cleaned. You may want to use a little Betadine scrub in his ears to prevent yeast infections. Pay special attention to drying the inside and outside of his ears. Ear infections can arise from moist ear canals.

Special Note about the Chihuahua Show Dogs:

For the show ring cut the hairs on the muzzle with a curve scissor and, for Long Coats, trim around the feet and between the pads.

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