Glucosamine for dogs


What are some of the advantages of glucosamine as a treatment for that beloved family member? Dogs age much like people, and if their level of activity is high and their diet good they can remain very flexible and mobile for years. But like most of us, with age the family pet begins to slow down; their joints become stiff and sore; tendons wear, and older dogs can even develop arthritis. Doesn’t your dog’s health deserve to be respected and nurtured like any other esteemed member of the family in their golden years? You can do that with glucosamine for dogs.

What Causes the Problems?

One of the problems your pet pooch may encounter in more mature years is caused by the very thing that he loves most: red meat. There are high levels of uric acid in red meat, which is a major contributor to arthritis-type problems as well as natural deterioration and aging. It is precisely to counter that unfortunate effect that glucosamine for dogs is becoming increasingly available and popular with pet owners.

The Cure

A dog’s glycosaminoglycans are part of the ground structure of the all-important connective tissue that runs the entire length of its body. They need glucosamine to protect their health and well-being and maintain the strength and flexibility in their joints and connective tissue.

There are many different types of glucosamine available for dogs, all fast absorbing, so it doesn’t take a long time to notice a vast improvement in the dog’s reaction to it. You’ll be glad you started him on this supplement as you notice a new swing in your dog’s step.

In 1999, glucosamine was the top selling product in dietary supplements. It is safe and effective for dogs as well as people, although dosages differ, so you should consult a veterinarian on the correct amount for your particular breed.

Oral glucosamine has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce arthritic conditions in older pets, so the use of glucosamine is both curative and preventive. Glucosamine can help to relieve other age-related issues in your pet, such as tendonitis, osteo-arthritis, tendon/ligament repair, carpal tunnel syndrome and even skin-wound healing.

Glucosamine sulfate, as well as a supplement called Glucosamine Hydrochloride, help glycosaninoglyans hold more fluid; this helps to increase the resilience and flexibility of the dog’s joints. Glucosamine sulfate also supports the repair of torn ligaments and tendons. A glucosamine and chondroitin formula, brand name Cosequin, seems to have a first-rate effect on treating swelling, inflammation and stiffness.

How to Use Glucosamine for Dogs

You can purchase glucosamine in a tablet form to feed to your pet. It also comes in a capsule you can break open and sprinkle in the dog’s food or a liquid that can be poured over it. There are different dosages recommended for different size dogs but this supplement is for all breeds of dogs as long as they are six months of age or over.