Finding german shepherd breeders

So it is time to finally come through on the family decision to get a German Shepherd pup but you have no idea how to find a German Shepherd breeder. Up to this point you probably never even gave looking for a German Shepherd breeder a second thought. They are out there and there are several good ways to find a reputable German Shepherd breeder that you will be very happy with and will supply you and your family with the dog that you want and will also be there for you for a very long time.

It may seem obvious but some German Shepherd breeders do advertise in the phone book. While you won’t be using the phone book as a final searching place you can certainly use it as a starting point. Just remember that breeders have their own ways of getting the word out so do not judge a breeder just because they do not advertise in the phone book. Some breeders get their business completely by referral and that may be the breeder you want over anyone in the phone book anyway.

You will never get better pet advice than the advice you get from your vet. If you already have pets and go to regular vet then be sure to ask them to recommend a good German Shepherd breeder that you can talk to. If this will be your first pet then the best time to find a vet is while you are looking for a breeder. This way your vet can refer you to the breeders that they do business with, trust and refer you to. It is a large network of referrals and the only way into that network is to keep customers happy so you should be able to get a great recommendation from your vet.

You will also want to see what the national breeder registries have listed for breeders in your area. The national registries like the American Kennel Club have their codes of breeding that their member breeders use as their breed guidelines and standards. So not only will you find the names of breeders that care enough about their business to adhere to a national standard but you can also see what that standard is.

It may not mean that breeders are not good German Shepherd breeders simply because they are not listed with a registry. After you search the registries you may want to also do a general search of the Internet. The Internet brings us all together and puts a world’s worth of information at your fingertips. You can use that information to find the German Shepherd breeder that will work best with you and you may even luck out and find one with a website that you can look over to find information about their breeding schedules and usually a lot of cute pictures.

Your search for the perfect German Shepherd breeder in your area should consist of many different sources of information. You should talk to as many qualified people as you can and utilize all the tools at your disposal before you make this very critical decision. Making the wrong decision about a German Shepherd breeder can be something you will have to live with for a very long time so make sure you do a detailed search and find the breeder that is right for you.