Facts about boxer dogs

According to the American Kennel Club, boxer dogs are the seventh most popular dog in the United States. If you are sure you want a boxer dog, then you need to know some things before you go out and purchase one.

Buy your boxer for a reputable dealer if you can. If not, when buying from a pet store, find out how they purchased their animals. Did they buy the pups from a breeder they are familiar with? You want to be sure that the puppy you get is healthy and from good stock. Sometimes pet stores have a tendency to deal with shady breeders as well.

Know that when you buy a boxer dog from a reputable dealer, they will stand by the norms and standards required of boxer dogs. This includes respect for uniformity, character traits, color, size and health. By them doing this, you are assured a loving, healthy boxer. Another reason people should go with reputable dealer is that they will have all the documentation you want and even pictures of the puppy’s parents. By checking out the parents, you can find out if there are any qualities you may not want in your boxer… aggressive behavior or tendency to be shy. If a reputable dealer has been in business for a while, then they will have experience dealing with boxer dogs. They know what to expect regarding their behavior and their traits. They can offer your professional advice. Most times, these dealers have joined a respectable club or they have some involvement with dog shows.

These breeders can also help you select a boxer dog that is worthy of being a champion. They usually know what will make a judge’s head turn so they can help you out in your decision.

Although many people do not deal with them, animal shelters are another wonderful place to go for a pet. About a quarter of these animals are purebred and the fees you pay for your animal will be much less than that of a dealer or pet store. Not only that but you save a life in the meantime.

You have to understand that purebred refers not only to the dog’s pedigree but to its appearance too. If you want a good-looking boxer dog, the dog should have a fawn or brindle color-looking coat. If there are any white spots on the pup, there should be no more than a third on the entire body.

While saying this, if you want to buy a white boxer dog for a pet, they are usually deaf, blind or both. These animals are also not allowed for breeding by the American Boxer Club.

According to records, male dogs are usually much soother and lenient than female boxers. They are usually hyperactive and hostile. It is best not to have more than one female in the household, as they are aggressive to other females.