Differences between dogs in the labrador retriever breed

Differences>No other dog is as well liked as the Labrador retriever across the UK or the US. The Labrador retriever, originating in Newfoundland, is especially popular because it is a dedicated and dependable house pet. In addition to being an outstanding house pet the Lab is also a fantastic hunting dog too. Back in time, the Lab was famous for lugging fishing nets on shore for the fishermen. Furthermore, the Lab is often used as guide or rescue dogs.

The defined life span of a Labrador retriever is about 15 years and there is really no difference between the girl and boy Labs with the exception of size where there can be a difference of not more than a few pounds. In the US and the UK the Yellow Lab and the chocolate Lab are the most liked house pets. These dogs are highly thought of and incredibly bright. They are also playful and full of energy. The icing on the cake is the fact that Labs also have an outstanding disposition which further adds to their desire to be a house pet.

One of the most distinctive features of the Lab is their tail. At the base of the tail the Lab’s tail should be thicker and should thin out the closer it gets to the tip. The tail itself is only medium in length. The tail of the otter and the tail of the Lab are quite similar which is why many people say that Labs have an otter’s tail. There should never be any curl in the tail but rather it should be stout. When the tail lacks in stoutness or is lean this is considered to be an imperfection in the Lab. The tail should not be docked or altered in any way. The tail develops the muscle of the Labrador by giving it a distinguished shape from the head to the tail.

A Lab is considered to be a medium to large dog in size with males being around 22-25 inches in height and females being 22-24 inches tall. The weight of a male Lab is around 80 pounds and for the female around 70 pounds. The fur on the Lab is known for being water resistant and is short and thick. The Lab’s coat is one of the main factors that make him an ideal partner for outside activities in the winter months. Lab’s have a coat that will be either brown or yellow.

The Lab has some other very distinctive features that are not found with their other canine friends. The head and the brow of the Lab are very prominent and defined. Their eyes are hazel or brown and there is a black lining that surrounds the entire eye. The ears are required to drop close to the head and are to be found a bit above the eyes. The body is essentially dominant and well-developed. Still, it is the defined tail and the nature of the Lab’s temperament that are their trademark.

The Lab also has a very peculiar nose with wide nostrils and a broad muzzle. Lab’s have fairly long legs but are steadfast. They are also extremely well balanced. The color of the Lab is very important in defining a thorough bred. A totally pink nose or a nose that is lacking in coloring is ineligible from being a thoroughbred.