Easy to follow grooming guide for dogs

This grooming guide for dogs aims to help you, pet owners, get more acquainted with your pet dog’s needs. Contrary to popular belief, grooming your dogs is not a luxury but rather a necessity. Our pets are just like humans, and their need for hygienic pampering goes beyond looking good and smelling great. When they are not properly cared for, they are at risk of acquiring diseases and it can be dangerous to both you and your pet.

The first and most essential step in developing a healthy grooming habit for your pet is to bathe regularly. This process won’t be easy as the dog may resist at the beginning, but just try to be patient with them until they learn to enjoy the experience of bathing them, as much as you would. Make sure you have gathered all grooming bath supplies like shampoo, bucket, towel and hair dryer. You can opt to bathe them or use a water hose to splash on their body.

As you bathe your dog, make sure to gently scrub their body to remove any dirt or foreign materials. You can use your hand to do this or pet grooming gloves for a more thorough scrubbing. Give them a light massage as well, to make it an overall soothing experience for your dog.

In choosing which shampoo to use for your dog, refrain from using the same type or brand of shampoo that you use on them. The same goes with the soap that you use to wash them, because the skin that is underneath their furs is really sensitive and some bathing products that humans use can be too harsh. You have several options in the market for dog shampoo, but if you want to be sure and give your pet only the best, you may consult with a professional pet groomer to know which best suit your pets.

As you wash the dog’s body, you may brush their teeth at the same time to keep it healthy. You can practice doing this regularly and develop a brushing habit for your dog. When you’re done bathing the dog, you must rinse them properly especially in the ears and paws. Then, lightly pat them with a dry towel.

The next thing you’d have to deal with is dog hair. The type of grooming to use depends on your dog’s type of hair. Long-haired dogs require more frequent brushing. Meanwhile, those with curly or frizzy hair must be cared for on a daily basis to loosen up any tangled hair. Try to follow this grooming routine on your own because regular pet grooming services can be quite expensive.

Make sure to use the right tools in grooming your pet to ensure their safety. Refrain from using old hairbrush while combing their hair, but instead use one that is specialized for a dog’s fur. Also, you must not do aggressive scrubbing as you bathe your dog because it will remove natural oils from the hair. Lastly, avoid applying scented powders on them if it is not formulated for pet use.

More than basic grooming, you can take your dog for a walk outdoors on a regular basis. This will not only improve their physical condition but their outlook as well; plus, it brings you closer to your pet. This is just a simple grooming guide for dogs that you must follow knowing that your pet deserves only the best.