Dog toys and your dog

Keep Your Dog Happy and In Shape with Dog Toys

If you have a puppy, you’ll know that they think everything is a toy, even shoes. Whether you make or buy your dog toys, the main thing is that they need dog toys to help them stay healthy. Toys can strengthen teeth through pulling and keep them in shape when they chase after a dog toy, whether it is a Frisbee, rope toy, or what have you.

Making Your Own Dog Toys If you do decide to make your dog toys, make sure that they don’t contain anything that could be harmful to your pet if ingested. Tie up an old sock, make sure they’re clean first, and it can become a pull toy. If your dog repeatedly attacks something of yours, you can either try to train your dog to leave it or give it to your dog. Our puppy used to repeatedly attack a pair of slippers that had a bell on them, no matter what we did, she would find it. We finally gave up and gave her the slipper. She loved it and it actually had to be sewn together a couple of times. Even though she went after the slippers, she left everything else alone after that. If your pup goes after something that you do not want her to, a great way to train your dog is to simply take the item away and give a verbal correction and then immediately replace the item with an acceptable puppy toy. After your pup starts playing with the new dog toy give a significant amount of verbal praise. It might take a few tries but most puppies will get the idea pretty quickly, especially if you are consistent.

Purchasing Dog Toys

If you decide to buy your dog toys, you’ll find that there are simple toys, such as pull toys and chew toys, and more complex ones, such as interactive dog dogs. Dog chew toys are simple, usually made of rubber and they sometimes squeak. They can come in the shape of a bone, cat or even rubber chicken. Plush dog toys are softer than rubber chew toys and also squeak when squeezed. You’ll find that your dog will usually have a few favorite toys, so buy a few in different shapes, sizes, and colors so that they have more to choose from. In general it is worth the extra few dollars to buy a better dog toy than to spend next to nothing on an inferior toy. Cheaply made toys will come apart easily and at the very least are a pain to clean up and in a worst case, potentially harmful to you dog.

Interactive Dog Toys

While simple toys help a dog physically, interactive dog toys can help a dog mentally. There are toys that allow you to hide a treat beneath it. Your dog has to move the coverings in order to find the treat. Dogs will quickly learn to move cups, blocks, dicks, and other coverings in order to get their reward. Both simple and complex dog toys will keep your dog healthy and fit both mentally and physically.

Dog Treats

Dog treats come in handy when training your dog and are also useful in keep their teeth healthy. When your dog obeys you, you’ll find that using a treat will help them remember this behavior and will be more likely to repeat it in the future. While you might use treats more often when you are first training your dog, you can slowly wean them off and instead pet them and play with them as a reward. Even if you use dog treats less during training, they are still valuable for your dog’s health. More and more dog treats are made with your dog’s health in mind. Dog treats can help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Zukes are great example. They’re natural and made with healthy ingredients and have different flavors, such as chicken or beef. Zukes also come in forms that are specially made to keep your dog’s hips strong or others that are made to keep your dog’s teeth strong and clean. If you decide to buy dog treats, make sure they’re as natural as possible and if possible, don’t contain artificial ingredients.

Although dog toys and treats may seem like luxury items, they are key to keeping your dog active and healthy. There are simple and complex versions of both available, so try a variety until your find what your dog likes best.