Dog magazines

Immanuel Kant very wisely once said, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”. However, your affection for animals or pets may not necessarily qualify you to be the best judge of how to handle them. Even experts go wrong sometimes – case in point, Steve Irwin, god rest his soul. It should not offend your ego to know that you do need guidance sometimes with these four-legged, or winged, beings. And that is why there are so many magazines trying to help you out.

A Portuguese proverb says that a house without a cat or a dog is the house of a scoundrel. If you have a dog, there is a barrage of dog-specific magazines in the market, and some of these may take you beyond toilet training with newspapers.

The most popular breed of dogs that are considered ideal members of the family is the Labrador, and the Just Labs Magazine is committed to these black, yellow or chocolate dogs. The Retriever Journal is another full-colored periodical that offers brilliant training techniques. This should be ideal for families, who want to cash in on the inherent fetching abilities of this breed.

While we are on the topic of families, there is no denying that the relationship between a dog and a child can be very intense. Why not let the kids take responsibility for a well-trained dog? The Dogs for Kids Magazine trains kids to train their canine friends. There is also a section on jobs for dog lovers.

If you are a dog lover, who cannot keep a dog at home, then open a kennel. The Dog And Kennel Magazine will show you how to maintain it – grooming, feeding, training, etc. You will be a popular person, because you will be taking care of man’s best friend, and loving every minute of it.

If you are fortunate enough to be living in a sprawling countryside mansion, with acres of land to romp around in, then it is inevitable that you will have a pet that belongs to the Pointer family. And if you want to train your dog to hunt birds, then the Pointing Dog Journal is the magazine for you.

There are times when you want to show your dog off. Local dog shows add to the excitement and pride that you feel for your pet. To make sure that your best friend shines, refer to the Dog Fancy Magazine. It will give you guidelines on your dog’s fitness, diet, manners and breeding. This magazine also has true stories of dog owners and their pets. If you already know how to keep your dog well-mannered and healthy, you can always opt for the Dog World Magazine, which will give you tips on how to prepare for a dog show.