Dog food, important to keep your pet healthy

You are what you eat. This saying has been heard so many times. It can even be applied to our dogs. A dog that eats a healthier diet will definitely be healthier.

However, it is asked what a healthy diet for a dog is? Many of us might have no idea. You will find a great number of choices when you walk into a store to buy dog food. Therefore, you have to read the label to pick the best one for your dog.

The most information necessary to determine what your dog is eating is on the label. People normally wouldn’t think to read the label ingredients. Nevertheless, if you have done research into this and want the healthiest food for your dog, you may start from reading the label carefully and you will learn a lot about foods.

Firstly, you need to see the type of meal listed in the ingredients. The food which is easiest to digest is chicken and considered the best choice. You have to remember that good label should inform an actual meat name not only saying meat meal. Whole meat without meal is mostly water. Also, make sure a variety of vegetables and fruits are included in the ingredients.

A lot of filler ingredients are what you don’t want to see. Grains should be at the end of the list. Some dogs may have to avoid corn. Soy and wheat are sometimes common allergens and irritants. You may have to avoid labels with chemical preservatives. Food should be preserved with mixed Tocopherols, that is Vitamin E.

As well, you need to look for AAFCO (Association of American Feeding Control Officials) and feeding trials. This means the food was actually given to dogs for their proper nutritional needs this is to make sure the food is complete and balanced for adult dogs. You need to be aware that a manufacturer has up to six months to inform the consumer that it has made a change in its ingredients. So, even though you have been using a particular brand for a while don’t forget to keep checking the label. If you see your dog is having problems with the food, there should be as a result of a formula change.

If your dog is obtained from a breeder, then this is your best source of information regarding the healthiest food to feed your dog. If your dog is not from the breeder, then you have to find the best food for your dog on your own. At first, buy small bags when you feel you have found a right dog food. You may test it on your dog and see what happens to him. If it doesn’t suit him, then you just have to throw out only a small package which doesn’t cost much. Since you are sure that you have found the appropriate food for your pet, avoid switching to different brands. Dogs need time to adjust their systems to new foods and this will ruin their digestions.

Expensive dog foods are not always the best. Bear in mind that the best foods have real whole familiar ingredients. Avoiding foods that contain many by products and preservatives is recommended. A dog food company is not required to list preservatives they did not put in. Finally, the best indicators of what is healthy and nutritious for you pet are to study labels, trial and error.