Dog care and toxic chemicals

The thing about dogs is that they are the ultimate bringers of unconditional love, where we fickle humans will walk away when things get tough, a dog will remain loyal. Yet, how many people love their dogs as much as they are loved? To care for your dog all you have to do is make a few select changes. One of the most important and often neglected is food.

You can increase the lifespan of your dog up to 134% (no joke) if you get the toxic chemicals out of his diet and care for him properly. Commercial dog foods are linked to thousands of deaths each year and vets universally are in agreement on this. Many dogs have defective adrenal glands from consuming commercial dogfoods for years and if you care about your dog’s health you will stop feeding him these right now. The adrenal glands are what manufacture cortisol and without proper functioning they do not produce this hormone. The result is that your dog is prone to disease.

Over the counter dog foods contain six deadly chemicals that have been banned from human foods by the fda. This alone is disturbing enough but the result is that they are known to cause kidney cancer, bladder cancer,skin cancer,stomach cancer,spleen cancer,lukemia,organ failure,diarreah,blindness and birth defects.Dog care must start now,today if you want him to be around tomorrow.

Dog care doesn’t mean you just switch to one of the “healthy” label foods. Alot of the chemical and preservative labeling on these foods is a lie.Most preservatives make their way into the food at the dog food plant itself. An analysis of several tested so called healthy foods proved that they were full of synthetics.

Of all these synthetics, by far the worst is the preservative EQ. It is the most powerful and by far the most toxic. It is permitted in pet food.(There are many things permitted in pet food that would turn your stomach but I will not cover them here instead I will give you a reference at the bottom of the page for you to follow.) In animals EQ is linked to immune deficiency syndrome. Spleen,liver and stomach cancers and a whole host of allergies.This is not only about dog care . Factory workers exposed to this chemical at pet food production plants had side effects that were similar to those of agent orange. These include:kidney damage,diarreah,fetal abnormalities, lukemia, hair loss and skin lesions plus blindness has been reported.

Stop using commercial dog food! If you care about your dog’s health then take the steps right now to turn the situation around. There are many alternatives to choose from. One thing you can do is seek out organic products, these are made from whole grain and organic poultry and are a much better alternative. An even better one is (if you have some time)cooking for your dog. That way you know exactly what the ingredients are and you don’t have to doubt and stress. The way is out there so find a way and here’s to your dog’s health…..