Did you know you could get a dog treadmill

Your dog has to be taken out and exercised every day. It’s important to your dog’s health that they get plenty of exercise. Most dog owners have no idea that you can buy a dog treadmill to help your beloved pooch get the workout they need.

Who Needs A Dog Treadmill?

Dogs need exercise every day, and the more the better. Of course, your dog should get plenty of sunshine, and you should always take them outside to run around. But, a dog treadmill can be used as an additional tool that makes exercising your dog convenient and easy. There’s no such thing as too much exercise to keep your dog healthy.

Another advantage to having the treadmill inside your house is that you can still get your dog the exercise it needs on a day when the weather’s not so agreeable. On those nasty rainy, snowy or sleety days, you can still make sure your dog gets the workout they need.

Dog treadmills are particularly useful for dog owners who enter their dogs in shows. A treadmill allows you to watch your dog’s movements up close; this is something your dog will be evaluated on when it goes to the dog show.

Types Of Dog Treadmills

There are two main kinds of dog treadmills; motor-powered and animal-powered. Animal powered treadmills are generally cheaper. They have been used for ages to train dogs and help them keep in shape.

Although animal powered treadmills are great, some dog owners prefer the electric treadmills because of the special features they offer. Like human treadmills, they have incline and speed settings. Depending on the brand, you can get much more.

You can find a dog treadmill with just about any feature imaginable. Some models have bait that hangs in front of your dog’s nose. Others have protective walls on either side. Which kind of dog treadmill is best for you depends partly on your dog’s breed and temperament. Before you buy anything, you should talk to your vet or dog trainer to see what they recommend.

Getting Your Dog Onto The Treadmill

This can be tricky at first, especially with the motorized treadmills. One of the disadvantages of electric dog treadmills is the noise they make, but it’s fairly easy to get your dog used to is.

First, you have to let your dog sniff around and get used to the machine while it is off. It’s a good idea to introduce your dog to the machine and lead it across the treadmill several times to get it used to the deck. When you run it for the first time, you should be in front of the machine holding the leash like you’re leading your dog. At first, face your dog at eye level and give him words of encouragement.

A dog treadmill can be a great way to get your dog the exercise it needs on a rainy day, or add to their usual exercise routine without hassle. If you’re thinking about buying a dog treadmill, talk to your dog trainer or local pet store.