3 proven tips for preventing dog urinary tract infections

3 Proven Tips For Preventing Dog Urinary Tract Infections

Boy, did I learn a valuable lesson about dog urinary tract infections (UTI) when I took my dog to the vet. Did you know that UTIs are the most common infection in canines, especially in females, and that they are completely preventable? In this article, you’ll learn what you need to know about dog urinary problems, including how to treat and prevent them.

Types & Symptoms of Canine UTI’s

There are two types of urinary tract infections: upper and lower. When there is in an infection in the lower part of the bladder, you’ll see the usual signs: increased or decreased urination (this is why it pays to know your dog’s habits), incontinence or little or no urination. Dehydration is another common symptom. If your dog seems unusually thirsty or seems thirsty without cause, have her checked for a UTI.

When the infection is in the upper portion of the bladder system, the symptoms are more pronounced: rapid weight loss, no interest in food and vomiting.

Detecting dog urinary problems can be tricky. For instance, pain during urination can indicate the start of dog urinary tract infections, but also its progression to something more serious. Because these infections can be deadly, prevention is essential. Preventing a UTI is as important as prevent dental caries by regularly brushing your dog’s teeth.

Preventing Dog Urinary Tract Infections: 3 Proven Tips

You may not be aware that natural remedies are formulated to work like antibiotics and are just as effective as prescription drugs. These natural solutions can be used for treatment as well as prevention.

Some of the best formulations come in granule form, so they are easy to administer. Just sprinkle some in your dog’s mouth daily and you can prevent one of the most common, painful and dangerous infections your dog will face.