Commercial dog food, what you need to know about whats really in your dogs food

Commercial dog food – what a minefield. You know the scenario you go to the pet food store or supermarket and want to buy the best dog food available, after all our dogs are companions and part of the family.

The problem is there are so many types of dog food – dry dog food, wet dog food, organic dog food, well the list is endless. How do you really know what you are feeding your dog.

Well, the shocking truth is you don’t. The petfood industry want you to believe all their claims and their marketing and advertising has become very sophisticated over the last few years. The food may be labelled as “complete and balanced” but that is not the case.

These are some of the things you need to bear in mind the next time you go shopping for your dog food.

Dog food contains numerous additives, colourings and preservatives.

The food is full of dead animals, bones, blood, head, feet and because dead and sick animals can be used in pet food some of the drugs that were used to treat or euthanize them may still be present after the manufacturing process.

Many pet foods state that they contain “human grade” ingredients. This really is not the case.

A number of diseases in dogs have been linked to commercial pet foods and pet food ingredients.

Always bear in mind that the petfood industry is very profitable ($25 billion) a year in revenue worldwide. It really is very important that you know what is advertising hype and what is real so you are able to make an informed decision regarding your dogs diet.

For years I had no idea that the food I was feeding my dog was literally a “time bomb” waiting to go off. It was only after my gorgeous 5 year old newfoundland died that I started to research the commercial dog food industry.