China issues one dog policy

First it was one child, now it is one dog. That is the new decree issued by the government of China.

As the world’s most populace nation rushes towards affluence so too do its citizens. Millionaires and a middle income society are being created with such speed that the bottom line of most bank accounts is growing faster than a grove of bamboo shoots! Consumerism is on the rise. Brands of consequence such as Gucci, Armani, and Channel are being snapped up quicker than you can say Karl Lagerfeld! But darling, other brands are catching up: the Shar-Pei, Chow Chow, Shitzu, just to name a few. What? Oh yes, of course! Not brands! breeds, dogs of course!

In old China, dogs were a symbol of affluence, allowed to be cuddled and coddled only by members of royalty and aristocracy. Today all you need is a few yuan in your wallet and in but a blink of an eye, man’s best friend is allotted a choice corner for its bed in the family house. To urban couples restricted to just one child, the dog has taken on a whole new meaning as being a member of the family. Eager and able families are bringing home a pooch, or two or three.

Rapid growth is wonderful – but it sometimes brings unforeseen problems, one word here, rabies! In an effort to curb the spread of this disease, the Chinese government has decreed that now, along with their policy of one child per couple, so too, it will be only one dog per household in designated zones. Large and dangerous dogs are banned.

Envy the dog who now will hold center of attention second only to the child – nothing is too good or too expensive. Designer labels will not only be sported by people but on their doggies as well. Decreed to smaller dogs, you can be sure that Chinese pet parents will be snapping up the Prada Dog Carrier. both for its cache and comfort. Witness the new royal – the family dog – being taken out for its morning air on the Bund. No hard pavement for these tender tootsies. Into the Bag this adorable fluff of brown or white is placed for its “walkies” in style and splendor. Pets of distinction! Oh Yes. Absolutely!