Caring for your puppies

Having picked the ideal puppy for yourself and your family, the difficult part is to care and raise your puppy. Dispensing care to your puppy involves time and effort as the puppy you brought home will miss the preceding home. Whining and crying are common, especially at night, hence you will have to put up with it until it adjusts to the new environment. The first few days and weeks will be the most difficult part but once it adapt, you will have a lovable companion.

To give a decent abode where there is a cozy and dry place for the puppy to rest as well as making sure that it is secure. You can try by sprinkling a scent of its mum on a piece of cloth or toy and leave it besides the puppy. Do not panic when it cries and within certain limits, do not run over just to pacify it or you will have to deal frequently with a whining puppy.

Prepare a sheet for the puppy to lie down to make it feel comfortable. Puppies can be very mischievous and they will jump into anything, so ensure that any dangerous items such as wires, rocks and unsafe things are not misplaced anyplace in the house.

Correcting any erroneous behaviors of you puppy is essential and not just reprimand it as a puppy will not be able to sense what they are doing is wrong unless you show them the proper direction. Things like chomping on your magazines can be corrected with throwing a toy for it to chew and then praise the puppy. Keep your chastising short and do not hit or spank your puppy as it will develop fear, aggressiveness or shyness.

The best way is to commend for correct behaviors and giving them a treat can be very useful. You can just pat the puppy or scratch the ears and hug them if it is on correct behavior. Nourish them well and give them all the nutritional requirements; it will then mature into a well-adjusted pet. Three times a day is best and no longer than 15 minutes. Once it gets older, especially 10 to 12 weeks, you can just provide food for it once at night and another in the morning.

When a puppy is well taken care of, it will show in its behaviors and you will be rewarded with a loyal pet that connect with you for the lifetime of the pet. Do not be stingy with your praise or treat. Hugging, scratching the ears or patting them will be rewarded many times over.