Heat stroke and other bulldog health problems

Originating from Great Britain, the little bulldogs are lovable and funny in their antics. Their massive head size does not fit with their stocky little bodies. The broad muzzle on a short face on a soft-skinned body with many wrinkles makes these dogs adorable. Their average height is up to twenty-seven inches with a weight of up to 120 pounds, makes these dogs massive looking.

The coloring ranges from red brindle to white, red or fawn. The idea climate to prevent Bulldog health problems is medium, not to hot and not to cold. These dogs originally were used to bait the bulls in an arena and the fields, before becoming an idea housedog after the outlawing of this sport. The Bulldog can be aggressive and vicious if not properly trained.

Heat Stroke is one of the Bulldog Health Problems Because these dogs prefer warm rather than cold or hot, the idea temperature matters to their health. Bulldogs are prone to heat stroke. If the weather is hot, a Bulldog needs to be in a cooler environment to prevent them from overheating causing heat stroke, which can cause other health problems.

Other Bulldog Health Problems Bulldogs tend to have respiratory problems due to the flat face. Sometimes this breathing problem can restrict their ability to breath. Snoring is a common issue with Bulldogs and there really is no cure for this as in people. Bulldog health problems also include hip problems, allergies and cherry eye along with their bad breath. This breed of dog seems to have a problem with hookworm, roundworm and tapeworms more than other breeds of dogs.

Overweight problems affect the Bulldog, as they tend to be a little lazy. They like a little exercise, but not much is tolerated. Taking a walk daily for short times may help with controlling a dog from becoming obese. The normal grooming of the Bulldog such as nail trimming and bathing periodically prevents any medical conditions due to improper grooming.

Preventing Bulldog Health ProblemsAs with any dog, you need to practice preventive care in order to protect your companion from disease and poor health. Vaccinations and annual check ups keep the health of the dog from becoming poor and possibly life threatening. When you get a puppy, check the eyes, teeth and the overall body for weight and any signs of skin problems, which are prominent in some Bulldogs.

Always feed your Bulldog daily and provide plenty of water to prevent loss of weight and dehydration. If the weather is hot, provide a cool space for your dog to prevent heat stroke and breathing problems from the hot air. If you take care of your companion, they will live until about ten years of age if not longer. If you have other pets, the Bulldog should get along with all, but sometimes they like to be a little to aggressive for the mild mannered dog. Children are another thing, they love to play and have fun with kids under your supervision.