Bulldog puppy facts and health care problems

The Bulldog is a well-known breed – from cartoons to movies, they make an impression that stays. The Bulldog has a unique looking face and a wonderful personality that adds to their popularity. They seem forlorn and some might even say fierce looking, but they are lovable dogs.

In the past, the Bulldog was bred to help farmers slaughter cattle. With its persistent temperament, Bulldogs were used as bull baiters. The sport was banned and people began to discover the Bulldog’s loving nature. These dogs are now friendly and sociable creatures.

Bulldog Appearance – Although they only weigh 40 to 50 pounds, the Bulldog is very powerful. The Bulldog measures between 12 to 16 inches tall and they have a short body and short legs as well as a flatish forehead. They have large jaws, but dark, gentle eyes and either a straight or curly tail.

It is categorized under the Non-Sporting Group and it has only one concern in life: to become the owner’s soul mate. They are well suited to their role in life.

Bulldog Characteristics – These dogs are great fits for people in apartments and townhomes. Bulldogs are not naturally energetic and dislike frequent and strenuous workouts. They will take a leisurely walk with their owners, but they are not the best dog to go running with!

This dog can be much like a college-aged boy with its behavior. It will snore, drool and fart often, which can be quite a turnoff. There are occasions when they will have a minor scuffle with similarly sized dogs for a treat or toy.

Bulldog Health Problems and Grooming Issues – The breed loves to eat. Make sure you do not let your dog become obese as it portends serious health problems in its later years. Other health problems include allergies, hip dysplasia, breathing and eye problems.

Bulldogs do not fare well under UV rays. They can suffer from heatstroke easily which is fatal. The Bulldog should use a choke collar to reduce problems it has with breathing and a regular leash should not be used. A harness will help their small tracheas.

The Bulldog is a low maintenance dog, other than for the folds of skin and wrinkles on its face that need more care. Bulldogs can have skin irritations and a nasty pungent smell if you do not clean between the folds of the skin. It can smell a bit pungent but once you are the owner of a Bulldog, you will treasure it and see beyond this fault.