How to stop dog itching naturally

The best way to stop dog itching is to treat the problem from the inside out. The main reason for dog itchy skin is improper nutrition. Without proper nutrition, your dog’s immune system becomes frazzled and overly sensitive. And the best way to improve nutrition to stop dog itchy skin is to provide your dog with an all-natural diet. This can be achieved in two ways. 1. Make homemade dog food 2. Use an all-natural kibble and add fresh, quality ingredients.

Either option is not all that difficult and well worth the effort to stop dog itching. It will take a little more time than just taking out a scoop of commercial dog food and putting it in a bowl. There is a little more prep time, but the prep work can be done in large batches. Then when it comes time to feed your dog, just add your wholesome, quality ingredients. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this will stop dog itching – within two weeks you’ll start to notice a difference.

Now by quality ingredients I don’t mean go out and buy your dog filet mignon for dinner. By quality ingredients I mean basically human-grade food. Most of the commercial dog foods do not use the human-grade foods, but rather what is left over from what is processed for human-grade food – the stuff we humans either don’t want to eat or is not healthy for us to eat.

For the homemade dog food option to stop dog itching just use fresh meat, fresh veggies, and some grains if you’d like. You have an open recipe to use what you have on hand. There are only a handful of ingredients that you should NOT feed your dog (such as chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, etc) and another handful that should only be fed in moderation, if at all. Veggies need to be put in a blender or food processor and grains need to be cooked, as a dog’s digestive system cannot digest these whole foods. You can also put in things like yogurt, cottage cheese, and cooked eggs.

To stop dog itching with the all-natural kibble option, there are some commercial dog foods that do provide all-natural kibble. You can tell these foods by looking at the ingredient label. You will NOT see words like “corn gluten meal” and “chicken by-product meal”. Instead you will see actual names of real food like “rolled oats”, “ground pecans”, and “sweet potato”. To stop dog itching your best bet is to find an all-natural kibble without any meat added and add your own.