All the amazing secrets of pitbulls

The pitbull is one of the most contraversial breeds of dogs going around at the moment. They are thought to be one of the most aggressive dogs in the world, however many people don’t realize that they also have a soft side to them as well.

The first thing I must state about pitbulls is that they are animals that mimic the actions of their owners. You have to understand that they would do anything to please their owners and if their owners teach them to attack, they will do so as aggressively as possible. Although you an I both know there is a lot of controversy over the fact that many pitbulls are bred for illegal fighting, I’m not going to focus too much on it, instead I’m going to talk about training your pitbull appropriately for certain circumstances.

Also a lot of this site will be dedicated to giving you the best information on how to properly care for your dog, including articles revealing to you the best types of food to feed your pitbulls, information on health concerns and for when the time comes, breeding.

To properly understand what type of dog pitbulls are, we need to go back in history to find out where and when they came from. Most people don’t realize how ancient this breed of dog is. Many experts believe that the pitbull originated from the early Molissian breed of dogs. For those who are unaware of the term Molissian, well the Molissians were a tribe that formed in ancient Greece and preferred the use of more robust and muscular dogs for the purpose of warfare.

It was the Molissians that gave rise to the well known breed of dog, the Mastiff. The Mastiff was a superb fighting dog and was specifically designed for killing when trained properly. Now they were also known as being extremely affectionate towards their owners and would literally die for them in battle. This is the reason why pitbulls today are unfortunately too often used in underground fighting, they will do anything their owners tell them to do.

But enough of the negative stuff, all you have to realize is a pitbull will do anything you as the owner tells it to do. They will stay loyal to you till death and if you train your pitbull to be gentle and to treat other people and dogs kindly, it will obey and that is what you should focus on.

So make sure if you are buying your first pitbull, teach it to be kind and make sure you give it as much social interaction as possible. If you do this you can be assured that your dog won’t become aggressive and will be known as a friendly dog in your neighborhood.