How to handle dog barking problems

There are very many problems that are encountered when trying to train your dog. These may vary from many reasons or causes but when identified, training may be made simple.

It must be noted that dogs will always use emotions and their instincts, and if we only try to read their minds properly, these may be overcome easily. Dogs are like human beings and emotions like fear, jealousy or even hatred do play a great deal in their life. Face the dog training instead of fearing it, and try to understand how your dog feels. When this is achieved, you are able to understand him better and thus your training won’t be that difficult. You will make him comfortable, understood and this will make him pay attention to you.

In in-house training, develop a routine of taking your dog out to relieve him and constant rates or times. This dissolves the anxiety in him, making him to hold hi bowels properly in anticipation of the relieving time. This training restrains your dog from relieving anywhere in the house. After relieving praise him and reward him accordingly. He will develop a very good attitude of respect and develop closeness necessary for effective training.


If your dog has an aggressive behavior, such as snarling, snapping or even failing to respond to your commands, make him learn that you are the boss in a gentle way. Shouting or punishing him will only raise fear and anxious emotions. This may include hiding, urinating aimlessly or startling. Thus dominating your dog using fear just makes an over submissive dog with a lot of fear related behaviors.

Always make the necessary move aimed at correcting and not intimidating the dog using the right accesories from your nearest pet supplies. In fact staring too much at your dog’s eyes is a sign of over dominance and will only instill fear. Let him be used to eat only in his cage and you may separate him form other pets during the feeding time. It is important for him to feel that he is superior to other dogs but not you. Most important to avoid these problems, learn on how to reward and commend on your dog after every thing positive it does.