6 breeds of dogs that are the quietest

When we decide on a dog, there are some questions that need answering.

First and foremost – which breed is suitable for our lifestyle? What kind of conditions we have available? Which breeds are suitable for us if we live in an apartment? A very important factor is the volume of dog barks.

Different breeds of dogs have been bred for different purposes. Some dogs are strict guards, others are hunters and then some dogs are more reminiscent of cats. In the past, scientists have shown in a study that genetics play a strong role in this. An interesting fact here is that breeds bred for hunting are quieter, while smaller “city dogs” are the ones that bark most often.

Many potential dog owners thus wonder if there are any breeds of dogs that do not bark and are generally quiet. There are. But it should be noted that even these breeds, with the exception of one, bark. Less than the others, but still.

We have compiled a list of 6 quietest dogs.


Image: dreamstime.com

Basenji is a breed of dog that is known for not being able to bark. That’s not to say they don’t produce other high-frequency voices, which can surprise new owners. These sounds are often reminiscent of yodeling, crying, or angry grumbling. By temperament, they are playful, loving and attentive dogs that require a lot of attention. In case they do not get enough attention and shown love they can become agressive.


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Pug is one of the most popular dog breeds when it comes to families with children. They are among those dog breeds that are more reminiscent of cats. They prefer to eat and lie next to the owner. Unlike the Basenji breed, pugs can bark, but we rarely hear them. They bark only in case of real danger or in case they are really hungry.

Great Dane

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These large furry friends frighten many because of their size, but the owners of this beautiful breed will tell you that they are in fact very gentle, caring and loving. These dogs have no need to bark or show their dominance. They are also considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

English Greyhound

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The English Greyhound is a dog that is considered to be the fastest breed in the world when it comes to running, but at the same time English Greyhound can be “lazy” and slow.  They love lying on the couch, for example. It is an extremely gentle, loyal and smart dog breed that has no need to bark.


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The dog breed originates from China or. Tibet (exact location unknown). Sharpei are attentive, loyal and pure dogs that demand a lot of attention. They are good watchmen that are always alert, but rarely bark.


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Another large breed of dog with an extremely gentle, devoted and calm character. Newfoundlanders are known for their phlegmatic character, as they can barely bark, but if they do, they must have a good reason for it.