The versatility of a german shepherd

The German Shepherd’s original purpose was herding sheep. It came from several different breeds of sheepdogs. The versatility of this dog evolved as people realized how smart it really is and that its build could be put to better use. It learns fast, very intelligent, making it easy to train and learn commands. A large and solid frame makes this pooch suitable as a guard dog and even an attack dog. In the aesthetic sense, it’s beautiful. Some choose this breed for its good looks. You can often see police checkpoints with German Shepherds present. Here they utilize the dog’s great sense of smell, allowing it sniff your luggage or vehicles in search of prohibited or illegal commodities.

An animal with a brain like this makes it very easy to train. It catches on quickly – learning commands isn’t much of a problem for this pet. There is no need for constant repetitions of tricks or lessons. Training it as a puppy is always advised. At that age it is a lot more willing to learn. Very eager and looks forward to daily routines. You can avoid obedience issues as well if you start young. Guard dog is a post that this breed can easily fill. Police use them as such, so what’s stopping you from doing the same? The German Shepherd is a very territorial dog.

It’s watchful and extremely protective over what belongs to it, which includes the owner. This pet likes to think that it owns you, and not the other way around. Which is a good thing, knowing that it will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. It has acute hearing; slight noises arouses its attention. And things that catch its attention provokes it to investigate. It is very strong and agile. Has quick reflexes and reactions; making it very capable of taking on felons. You can sleep better at night knowing your pet is watching over you. One of the larger breeds – this dog stands 22 to 26 inches at average, and can weigh from 77 to 85 pounds.

Has a well-balanced body and a beautiful coat coming in several color combinations, such as: black and tan or all black. Athletic build with a matching personality full of high spirits. In general this type of dog is very friendly. Serves as a great companion for children. When purchasing a German Shepherd puppy, one must research the bloodline it comes from. There are some families that may have traits that you might not like. German Shepherd’s don’t do well if they are kept indoors for a long period of time. They can get cranky or restless, so exercise will be needed daily.

It can cope up well with vigorous exercises and actually enjoys the challenge. Have it take long walks and jogs. It doesn’t mind running so do that as well. Have this pet well-fed with proper nutrition to ensure that it maximizes its growth potential. There are many other functions that this pet can carry out. One of it includes serving as a guide for the blind. It gets along very well with people and other pets. It needs to socialize in order to rule out any possible behavioral problems that may occur if it doesn’t. Overall it is very well-rounded and is compatible with every lifestyle a human may have.

The German Shepherd is one of the best breeds there is.