The bernese mountain dog, loyal to the end

The Bernese Mountain Dog, or the “Berner”, as they are affectionately nicknamed originated in Switzerland as a breed of farm dog. Because of their heavy, long coat, they were able to carry out duties and endure in environments that were cold or in snow covered mountainous areas. Their strong frame which is sturdy by most stands, also helped them to brave any winter elements.

This large “Berner” stands anywhere from twenty-three to twenty seven and a half inches. This large breed can weigh anywhere from seventy to one hundred pounds. Perhaps the most recognizable because of its very unique color pattern, the appendages, ears and head are a straight black; the cheeks, stockings and ghost eyes are tan or rust and the rest of him is usually white. The pattern is pretty common to all Berners and if there are any variations, it is usually in the amount of white. They are also known for their deep brown expressive eyes. Their beautiful coat needs to be brush on a regular basis to keep it glossy and wavy.

Bernese do not have a lot of endurance, but they are inherently outdoor dogs who need a lot of exercise and varied activities of a physical nature. As long as they are healthy and have no problems in any of their joints, they like to hike close to their owners. The seek attention and are known for their need for affection, thus, leaning against anyone (even a stranger) or forgetting their size and sitting on their feet. .

This breed’s strongest point is their temperament and they are known to be very stable and intelligent. They are also loyal and affectionate and this causes them to somewhat protective of their owners, however not quite watchdog quality, although they are loyal. They are generally outgoing and friendly with people and also other dogs. As long as their trainer is consistent and trains in a way that is routine, this breed responds to training very well. The owner must be very patient because Bernese are thinkers and slowly absorb what is being said or trained. Even though these dogs are big in size, they handle children very well and are very sweet and gentle with them. Generally this breed tends to have a lot of stability in attitude and are very patient dogs.

If you have ever seen this breed in a parade as part of a children’s wagon ride, they perform the task with patience and gentleness. Because they are calm most of the time, they first starting pulling wagons for children in Switzerland as a form of entertainment.

It is best to feed this breed anywhere from one and a half to two and a half cans of a high-quality meaty product with a equal amount of a biscuit or if they prefer, they can have five cups of a dry dog food that is complete with vitamins and minerals.

The Bernese Mountain Dog would do best at a house that has a fenced yard. The leader must be patient and strong and able to handle the early training. They also must be able to handle this breed and socialize them at a young age. This breed would not be well-suited for families with children, as well as with anyone who is controlling, or timid. This breed would also be too much for the disabled and/or the elderly to handle.