Symptoms of sick dog is your dog showing these symptoms!

Most of us who have animals know how attached we can become with our pets. And this is not just a simple feeling, this is real love towards this dog or cat for example. And the fun thing about this all, is that giving more love to your pet will make you love him even more ! But you had probably already noticed that before.

Just what is a symptom of a Sick Dog? Many people confuse symptom with the actual disease. A symptom is defined as a physical sign or physical sensation that is evidence a disease is present. Symptoms of Your Sick Dog can guide your veterinarian toward a diagnosis or help your veterinarian decide which tests would be most helpful in your pet. Some common symptoms of a sick dog include: vomiting, diarrhea, stumbling, seizing, drooling, not eating, limping, etc. A disease can help explain why the symptoms occur. Once a disease is diagnosed, proper treatment can be administered. Prescribing medication just for the symptoms may not help the cause of the symptom.

Your dog cannot explain his symptoms, so it’s the responsibility of you and your veterinarian to keep him healthy. Dogs are very good at hiding their illness so it is up to you to observe your dog for abnormalities. Most pets will display one or more of these sick dog symptoms at some point during their lives, but there isn’t always a need to rush them directly to the vet. Symptoms that only last a day and do not seem severe may simply need to run their course.

Sometime its hard to decide when you should take your puppy or dog to the veterinarian. Here are some symptoms of sick dog to look for to help you decide. If your puppy or dog is having any of the following problems watch them and take notes.

*Pacing and Restlessness.

*Collapse or Fainting.

*Not Eating or Loss of Appetite.

*Loosing Weight.

*Breathing Problems.

*Red Eye.

*Trouble Urinating.

*Urinating and Drinking Excessively.

*Fever. The normal temperature in dogs is 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.




*Sick dog symptoms increase or intensify over a 24 hour period.

*Symptoms of Sick Dog persist more than a day.

*The animal in question is in obvious distress.

In the long run, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you believe your dog may truly be ill, don’t hesitate to call your vet for advice and an appointment. After all, doesn’t your dog deserve as much care as any other member of the family? By recognizing these early Symptoms Of Sick Dog you can help relieve your dog’s pain. Also, an illness is easier to treat if detected early.