Rules to being a responsible dog owner

Close to 45 million American families own a pet dog. As a pet, dogs the number one most favorite pet and just behind them are cats and birds as the country’s preferred pet and companion. With the increasing number of families that choose to adopt a dog of varying breeds, there’s also been an entire industry that’s sprung about to support this demand. But there’s more to owning a dog and caring for it than fancy toys, stylish dog beds and other paraphernalia. A dog owner needs to not only take care of his dog and look after his basic needs, but also be a responsible dog owner.

Here are some things you can do as a responsible dog owner to give your pet the best life he can have, while also making sure that your neighbors aren’t disturbed by him.

Be aware of your dog’s health. This doesn’t mean merely feeding him and taking him to the vet at the first sign of trouble, but also closely observing what he eats, and what he eliminates from his body. Dogs show signs of illness by refusing food or by digestive problems. Keeping watch over these two activities will let you know if your dog is in good health before the vet does.

Invest in his health. Buy an elevated dog feeder if it’s a taller fog, and small feeder for a small dog. Splurge and get him an orthopedic dog bed when he gets older. Just like you need orthopedic mattresses and bedding when your joints start to creak, your dog needs special attention at as he gets older.

This brings us to the next point. Don’t ignore your dog as soon as he begins to show signs of age. Some people tend to immediately fill the house with a new and energetic young dog as soon as the first one gets on in years. If you do decide to have another pet, make sure your dog is still top on your priority list.

Make proper choices for your dog’s health. Don’t change his diet because you saw something TV that appealed to you better. You’re not the one eating the dog food, and if your dog is fine with his present diet, don’t make life stressful for him by forcing him to adapt to your changing whims.

Make sure he has his shots, he’s well groomed and bathed, and his nails are clipped.

Train your dog well. Having him on a leash when you go out is also important even if you feel he can manage quite well without a leash. A responsible dog owner knows that he is solely responsible for the actions of his dog. In addition, being on a leash provides additional security to small dogs and also shows power and control to larger dogs who may need extra discipline. However you decide to raise your dog, be sure to enjoy him and let him be your best friends and companion for as many years as possible. Keep him happy and healthy and he will return the favor.