Organic dog treats

Most dog treats are not pure forms of nutrition. They are scraps of the less than savory left overs of the commercial farming industry. Why throw scraps away when you can sell them? And sell them for good money at that. Harnessing their economies of scale, pet food companies gather as much junk as they can, to sell to you. Stop feeding this garbage to your dogs, it’s not good for them. Dogs all over the planet are getting cancer as a results of being garbage cans for the commercial meat industry. When meat was relatively pure, 100s of years ago, dogs were ok. But now, animals in commercial production are run down with hormones, and your dog eats these animals, and will contract the same diseases they do in time. Don’t buy your dog treats, if you can’t buy them healthful treats, you are doing them a disservice. Attempt to save some money from disposable income to upgrade your pet’s diet. A dog can not make choices; they at the mercy of their owner. Make choices that you would appreciate being made for you by another human. Dogs deserve to be fed nutritious meals that will allow them to lead a good life.

A good deal of pet food meat is not fit for human consumption. Does this sound right to you? Pet grade and human grade meat. And we are not talking about the difference between raw and cooked here. Trust me, your dog’s dry food bricks are cooked, at a very, very, high heat. How do you think dog food supposedly stays fresh on a self for weeks. So why would you feed something that you could not eat to your dog? A dog should be getting food that is the same quality as what you eat. Many people really don’t stop to think about their dog’s food for a long enough time to realize that it is garbage. It is literally something you would throw out at your house, scraps that you would grind down the garbage disposal at your home.

Guess what, animal processing plants should be throwing it out too, but they don’t. They don’t because they know that they can get people to buy it. Trash becomes treasure. Literal waste becomes food. And the victim of this perpetual cycle is your dog. In the commercial meat industry they have a horrible term known as the four Ds. The four Ds stands for disabled, diseased, dying,and dead. And it is the four Ds that can and will go into your dog’s food and treats.

If you spend more on your dog’s treats and food, you are going to help their health out a great deal. Organic dog treats use meats that are raised with sustainable practices(this means that your kids won’t have to pay $15 for a gallon of water because your purchases lead to contaminated ground water). Additionally, 100% organic animal products can not contain genetically engineered ingredients(which will allow companies to control food supplies like never seen before in world history). So, something as simple as paying a bit extra for dog food, can really have a tremendous impact on your dog’s life and the environment that you live in. Feeding your dog better treats will also cut down on vet bills, as proper nutrition leads to a stronger immune system, which prevents disease.