Kennel cough, how worse can it get

A lot of dog owners disregard kennel cough. The reason for this is because of the fact that the disease can possibly heal on its own. But this is such a very big risk to take.

Dogs suffering from kennel cough need medical care and attention. Kennel cough could get worse any minute. Furthermore, it can just be a symptom of a much severe disease lurking inside your dog.

You know that your dog has kennel cough if it makes hacking cough sounds every now and then. There may or may not be white to yellow mucus forming in its nose. Some people mistake kennel cough for retching. However, kennel cough tends to occur chronically. Besides, your dog would look ill if it has kennel cough. It may even develop fever because of the disease.

The moment you discover that you dog has kennel cough, you have to take it to the veterinarian. To treat kennel cough, the viruses and bacteria that are causing the disease should be eliminated. The most effective way is to do so is to use antibiotics and similar oral medical treatments. Depending on the severity of your pet’s condition, the vet may administer intranasal vaccines or inoculations. These modes of treatment can provide dogs with an almost immediate relief to kennel cough.

Dogs that are very prone to acquiring kennel cough are better off taking continued natural medications. Natural medications may come in the form of tinctures, oils, herbs, and teas. The preparation is similar to humans and you’ve got to administer it to your pet to improve its defenses against the disease. Tinctures should be added to water. With the use of a medicine dropper, give your dog several drops of natural herbs such as wild cherry bark, yerba santa, peppermint, or honey.

Kennel cough is a very common disease. Dogs tend to suffer from it at least once in their lifetime. However, it can easily be prevented. Keeping your dog healthy and strong is the first step. Also, you shouldn’t let your pet stray away too much because kennel cough is a highly contagious disease. Mere association with other dogs suffering from it may cause your dog to acquire the disease. Direct contact is not necessary for kennel cough to be transmitted from one dog to another. Furthermore, such a cough may be transferred from cats, birds, or rabbits. The carrier of the disease doesn’t have to be another dog.

Keep your pet safe from kennel cough by boosting its immune system. Don’t skip regular checkups with the vet either. There are also kennel cough vaccinations for puppies available these days. If you really want your dog to be cleared from this disease, give it the shots that it needs.

Dogs, whenever they are sick, demand care and attention from their masters. They are not too different from humans that need companionship if they are ill. As such, you should do what it takes to restore the good health of your dog. If your dog is well and lively, it will be in its usual joyful self, which can brighten up even your gloomiest day.