How to make extra money walking dogs

One of the best ways to make extra money that you have probably never thought of is walking dogs. More people today than ever before have dogs as pets. But the fact of the matter is that they do not want to take the time to walk them for one reason or the other. Some people do not have the time to walk their dog because they are always at work and others are too old to keep up. So what do these people do? Simply enough, they hire somebody that walks dogs. Anybody can get started in this industry with a little bit of money and time.

Making extra cash walking dogs is quite possible if you put in the time to market your services. The biggest problem that people run into is that nobody knows about their services. So in turn nobody gets in touch with them about their services.

So as you can see the most important part of making extra money walking dogs is by marketing your services. Of course this is going to take a bit of money up front but after you get a few recurring clients you will be well on your way to making your money back in no time at all.

One of the best places to market your dog walking services is in the local newspaper. Take out an ad that is big enough for prospective owners to see. Make sure that your ad is visually appealing and that you also include pertinent information. Give owners the ability to contact you via phone or email. This way you are accessible enough to make the task of getting in touch easy. If somebody has to go through a lot of trouble getting in touch with you they will probably not even bother. In addition, you may want to include your rates in the ad if you think that they are competitive enough to draw in business. But if your rates are a bit higher than that of your competitors, then you would not want to display them. Also, adding an incentive to call is also a great way to garner business. Offer a free walk or a discount at the first day. Anything that will prompt prospective dog owners to get in touch with you.

Making extra money walking dogs is more than possible if you market your services correctly. And if you can get in touch with a large enough base of customers making decent money is very easy.

If you want to make money walking dogs get started today. You may be the only person in your area that offers these services. Subsequently, you will have the market and profits all to yourself.