How important is your dogs diet to his well being

Dogs need to have a well-balanced diet just as humans. The six basic nutrients needed to promote a healthy diet in your dog are: fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and water. Providing these ingredients will promote healthy growth, provide energy, replace worn tissue, and help fight against diseases.

There are so many different varieties of dog food on the market today, that it is extremely difficult to ensure that your dog is getting the proper nutrients from your choice. Dogs are individuals just as people, which means you should feed him the top selling dog food, or make your own recipes for him.

Preparing you own dog food will ensure that your dog is getting the proper nutrients required for a healthy life. The suggested formula for a healthy dog food is 75% carbohydrates and 25% meat. Which is simply to combine, brown rice, ground meat, vegetables, which have been put through the blender first, as dogs can’t digest vegetables well, water, and a little brewers yeast. It should be served at room temperature. I find that jars of baby food vegetables are perfect, they are already blended, and contain lots of nutrients.

You will find that your dog will usually love any meal you make for him. You can cook any meat, usually the sale item of the week. Add a few ingredients, such as: rice, noodles, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, blended vegetables, a little brewer’s yeast, a multivitamin, and you have a special homemade meal. This way you know exactly what your dog is eating.

Avoid giving your dog bones, particularly cooked ones. Bones splinter and could cause health problems. Wild dogs eat bones without problems, because they are also including the animal’s hair, skin, and tissue along with the bones. This helps the bones go through the digestive easily.

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